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  1. DreadCthulhu

    DreadCthulhu New Member

    Ive realized something today, and I figured I'd share it with a bunch of people who claim they want to die.

    The second before I die, right as my heart beats one last time, will it matter what Ive done in the past, will it matter who I am, where I am... no. People try to explain their world and what they wish could happen to them when they cease to be conscious, but its all drivel and dreams.

    And after that last heart beat passes... there is nothing. My body will decompose and create new life, and all my memories and experiences will no longer be of value to my deceased body. There isnt a point to any of this, the idea that life has meaning and value is something we have created to relate to our surroundings, its shallow and the curse of being human. Hanging on to seconds does not cause any harm, but claiming that procrastinating and imminent death is simply foolish and narrow sighted.

    I have taken what I can from this life, Ive been happy almost the entire time, but once prospect of continual happiness fades away, keeping myself alive is simply a waste of time and resources. The only reason humans fight through hardship and horrible conditions is because that is what we were programed to do... there is no real value to it. Soon enough Ill be dead, and not too much later most of the life on this planet will be dead. Things burst in and out of existence, and in the grand scheme of things the simplest outcome is just as good as any other.

    Dont tell me you care, dont tell me you've been there... Im not depressed, Im not irrational, Ive just come to realize that there is no reason not to, and holding on to nothing just makes me even more worthless. I am no greater or worse than any of you, or any thing that has ever lived, and maybe someday youll realize it too...

  2. ASolitaryBlue

    ASolitaryBlue Well-Known Member

    i'm not sure exactly what you mean, but if you're intending to hurt yourself, please don't. i don't know if you've lost that prospect of happiness you mentioned or not....

    i do see what you're saying. when we die there is nothing. i do think, however, that our lives can have meaning depending on what we chose to do with them. by helping another person you have left your mark on them and the world, for example. because of your action they may go on to do something to help someone else, etc. and your action can have a great effect that long outlives you.

    that, i think, can be enough of a reason to keep living. even if you see no reason to continue your existence, even if you see yourself as a waste of resources, you dont know what effect your actions could have on the world.

    and i will agree that humans are programmed by millions of years of evolution to survive.
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