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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Confused_Being, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. So, about the time I cut off my antidepressants, my mom and my sister decided to buy a dog without asking me. I was mad when they mentioned it, but then the dog came into my life and became one of my major sources of happiness. I never believed in it until now, but it really is like what they say, dogs are really a bundle of joy... Anyway, this dog must have had like a rough past, because she has some behavioral issues. Although I didn't like her at first, she really became a major part of my life, and even at some point, it was the only thing keeping me alive, too. She's literally the last source of my happiness left, being with her distracts me from my thoughts and brings me joy. So yeah, she has some issues, but she causes me absolute happiness and that was supposed to be the point, right?

    But no, my mom really is an oblivious cruel woman sometimes.

    Basically she wants to give away the do now, after all those months trying to convince me. After all those months of getting used to it. She knows the dog's making me happy, or at least helps me live an illusion of a happy version of my life, and she wants to give it away! She says that she's had enough with it's issues and stuff; and practically me and my sister look after the thing! And now I'm back to being sad, although the dog is still here I am in constant fear. She must have realized that, too, because whenever the dog or I do something wrong she threatens to give it away. This may seem silly or childish, but honest to God, this dog is the only thing that is keeping me alive at the moment, she needed me and I need her in my life. I tried talking about this to my mom, but all she does is not to listen and keep threatening me. What should I do? I don't know. I suppose no one will read this, but I needed to vent. :(:(:(:(
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    Animals do become very important. I would suggest making sure you take responsibility for the dog and its actions so that your mother does not have the issues to contend with at all- in the end even though i have real issue with people getting animals and giving them away when decide not worth bother( I do animal foster care so see a lot of it) it is her house and if she decides to she will get rid of. Your best chance is to make sure you take complete responsibility for care of it and in addition if she is using it as a carrot stick for behaviors- while I don't think is fair to use an animal like that any other "object" such as phone/ipod is commonly used and she sees the dog as simply an object- so the choice is if is important enough to you then to make sure there are not issues. Is it wrong to treat animals like that - yes very much so. But in the end you have the ability to save it from her if you choose. It also sounds like the decision to come off meds may have been premature and might be worth looking at again.
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    Hi Confused_Being , i think that you should talk about this with your mother again and make her understand how you feel. Also I don't know much about dogs but if the problem is her behavior maybe you could ask a dog trainer for some advice
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    That is really crappy of your mom. Like Ben said make it your issue rather than the dogs issue and make it crystal clear that you need this dog in order to stay sane and recover. Fight for your dog and do whatever you can so the dog is not taken from your life. I wish I knew what else to say but I don't, i'm here if you need anything ((hugs))
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