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my latest attempt lead to surgery

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I cut myself because I thought it would be an easy way out... I was close but didnt succeed. I feel like a fool... now my hand is fucked up and im all fucked up on pain medication...
Believe it or not there is no easy way out. Fortunately or unfortunately.. depending on how you look at it. I'm glad you are ok but sorry you're hurtin so badly that it made you cut so bad :hug: if you ever need to talk I'm just a pm away. Take care and be safe

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I am really pained that you have to try to you suicide is this the first time. I hope that you will start again made Ca never again so badly. Yes you must learn how to love you because only the love cures all. If you take a little child in your arms and that it feels the love which you have for him it comforts itself very quickly. You if you were close to me I would take you in my arms. Find somebody which can take to you in its arms and which can say to you I LOVE YOU
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