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I have a blog. I cant tell you what it is called or give you the address to the site for purposes of anonmity, but here is the content.

Recently a new employee at my part time job, sent me a friend request on Facebook. Now he seems like a nice enough kid, but I don't know him. I have had the opportunity to work with him on a couple of shifts, but that is about the extent of our relationship.

Upon looking at his profile page, I couldnt help but notice he has a gazillion friends. Ok, so maybe not THAT many, but still, a lot.

It got me thinking, about the friends we have on everyone's favorite social network.

Yes it is important to "friend" your family...it's a good way to stay connected with cousins nephews, nieces etc.
But when it comes to other folks, I think it is important to take a moment and consider who you want to "friend."

The reason I say this, is that I have seen profiles of folks on Facebook with just a ton, I mean like literally over a thousand friends. Now I suppose I have met over 1000 people in my very young 44 years on this planet, but I dont think I would "friend" all if I had the chance.

That's not to say they werent nice people. Some folks, (bullies, like I talked about in a prev blog) not so nice, but by and large most folks are good people. To that end, most folks I have met, I am very honored to have met. But still I don't think I would "friend" them on Facebook, if given a chance. And here's why;

To me, there is no difference between a Facebook friend and a real friend. I try to surround myself around people that are willing to go to war with me. When you find yourself in one of life's challenges and stuck in that proverbial foxhole, it's nice to look over and see a friend in their with you fighting off the enemy.

So when I send a "friend" request to someone, please know that it is because I have considered you a real friend all along.

Just some ramblings from your friendly neighborhood drummer.

As for my coworker, at that part time gig. As I get to know him and he gets to know me, and when we become real friends, I will happily accept his friend request. Because I can't get enough of real friends.

Can any of us?
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