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My life is falling apart...

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by HHhopeless, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. HHhopeless

    HHhopeless New Member

    My family and I have been through some very rough times in recent years, from being homeless, to losing almost everything. We lost our home in 2003 and have never recovered. Then my husband lost his job of 15 years and we started on a downward spiral.

    Each time we try to get on our feet, something seems to happen. My husband went into construction work, but the pay is sporadic. I've been training horses and teaching horseback riding lessons for a living since the 1980's. When the economy is good, my business does well. In this economy, we struggle. A lot.

    Last year, almost a year ago, we were living with friends and an opportunity was given to us to run a large horse facility in an adjacent town. Financially we knew it would be very difficult, but we worked hard to make it happen. We came from nothing and were struggling. In this business, there are a lot of rumor mongers, haters and everyone tries to ruin everyone else's reputation. Very cutthroat.

    Yesterday I found out that a tenant on the property had been conspiring against me for months. My customers have recently been told volumes of lies about me. Then we were told we are losing the ranch. Because of lies and deception.

    I know this sounds like conspiracy theory stuff...but it's all fact, and it's my life. Such as it is.

    We don't know what to do. Where to go. I've got clients that count on me, but I cannot function. I feel sick to my stomach, I have raging headaches where it feels like I'm going to explode. We've got nowhere to go. We will be homeless again soon. Homeless with three cats and eight horses that I won't be able to afford when we have to leave this place.

    I can't stop crying. I just want the pain to end. I want to not be a burden on my husband and my daughter anymore. I just want to die.
  2. Lifeisagift

    Lifeisagift Well-Known Member

    Oh :(
    HHhopeless this is very sad, i'm sorry for what you've been through and what you're going through. But you can't think about suicide... It will not solve anything. Backstabbers will not disappear from earth and that's ugly but this is how is life. I wish more people were like you, just wishing to have a decent life and never think about hurting people.
    Try to close your eyes, take a deep breath and see how can you face it. What can you do to stop rumours ? Try to keep talking to custommers, maybe report the person who poison your life with horseturd. Be smarter than him/her : explain to the customers with patience that things are not wrong, talk to them so as to make them understand you're not the person that the tenant talk about.
    Keep fighting ! I wish you to have a more stable situation, this is what you deserve. Do not hesitate to talk to me or anybody else if you want.
  3. thomasmorus

    thomasmorus New Member

    hi, i'm actually new here, but i just wanted to say somethings from what i read. first, i'm very sorry for what is happening to you, it is very sad and i hope you can solve this quickly, if not then that you have the courage to keep fighting, because this is a fight. second, please do know that there are nice people out there, these people ruining your reputation aren't all the world has got to offer, there are good people willing to help others. have you tried contacting a public defender? i don't know how good they are, but it seems the law could help you, at least covering some of the damage these liars are doing to you, your family and your business. this would make sure they would think twice before harming you or someone else again.

    i hope you can gather the strengh to keep fighting this rough period, giving up woud be worse for you, your daughter and your husband, for sure. noone is a burden to another person when we allow others to go away to do as they like and try our best to help them without forcing anything, always allowing them to be free to do what they want, and hearing their critics. this coming from a person that felt like a burden for many years. if you do this, you will be able to help them, trust me. if you need someone to chat or i don't know, if i can do something for you, just pm me, i'll try to reply you as fast as i can. my best wishes to you, i hope you can be brave enough to face all the challenges, as best as you can, aknowledging your own limits. courage and search for the help of good people, this is what i'd kindly ask you, and to take good care of yourself
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