My life is sooooo F'ed up

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    I really dont know what to do! my life is soooo F'ed up. there is no way to change it!!! i start school in 3 days! yay senior year :( but to bad i have the credits of a freshman! i never did anything through school!!! im never going to college im never going to succeed in anything in my life!!! everyone thinks im just some badass that doesnt care about anything!! but really im not. every day i think about just killing myself.!! but no one knows!! but whoever is reading this. today was the closest i got to killing myself.. :( but i realize i dont want to hurt my friends so i dont know if i can wait until they graduate.!! or ill probably will end up doing it before then. and i probably post this in the wrong section to!!! but im just letting something out. i have never ever told anyone how i feel!!!! this is so awkward. i dont ever want to post this. wow 10 minutes later i decide to post it.!! sorry for whoever red this. i probably just wasted your time :( sorry everyone.
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    You hun are not a failure You are struggling hun and if does help to let it out to let someone know so you don't feel so alone. You don't have to struggle alone hun Talk to a councillor at the school ok get support you need to change how you are feeling Talk to your parents your doctor but get help now hun while you are still young hugs