My life just got ruined

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  1. crash 9000

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    well ive posted 2 previous topics about how my social life is shit and how im never get a GF never gunna get a job. have friends. ETC and ive learnt to except that, i thought "hey at least i can just sit at home playing my pc till i get to 20 and my mum kicks me out then go kill meself. anouther 6years of joy. hurrah"
    so i got the game "age of conan" looked preety cool. getting bored of world of warcraft. so i played it. good game. laggy as hell. had like 3fps. so i thought "hmmm time to get a new pc" this 1 is about 5years old now. so i thought. hmmm ill take 3grand out my bank and get 1 that will last me about 6years. got the second best dell pc.. specs...

    CPU: Intel® CoreTM 2 Quad-Core Extreme Processor QX6850 (3.00Ghz, 1333MHz FSB, 8MB cache)

    OS: Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate Premium - English

    RAM: 4096MB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [4x1024]

    GPU: Dual Crossfire TM 512 MB ATI Radeon 3870 HD

    for 2thousand 300pounds ish.

    and the fucking graphics card isnt compatable with the game.
    so whats the point in me living? there aint 1, the only thing i was looking foward to in my life. the only thing i thought might make me a little happy. just crushed.
    that was the only game i was enjoying. warhammer online (played beta) crap. wow is getting boring. i only play MMOs. and im not exactly going to go play a mediocore MMO. i mean i would go and buy a new graphics card. but that would be 400pounds down the drain so im not going to do that.
    so wtf am i ment to do?
  2. famous.last.words

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    im sorry, but are you serious?
  3. crash 9000

    crash 9000 Member

    what about?
  4. BioHomocide

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    If you purchased the parts separately you could try getting a refund and buying the new card. If you purchased a pre-assembled computer you could try calling the manufacturer and getting some sort of discount or trading in the card you have now for a new better one. If all else fails try Guild Wars or one of the many free to play MMOs.

    You could of saved a lot of money building your own computer.....
  5. crash 9000

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    ye its pre asembled. i got it pre asembled so that if it packs up i have some poor low waged git on the other end to yell at.
    and ive tryed other MMOs but when u sit infront of a pc playing games 16hours a dya. its a bit of a big deal that u get the best game
  6. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    Well there are a lot of games out there.... you could switch every few hours.

    But I do agree, If you constantly play you will get bored.
    Your eyes must really hurt.
  7. Pensive

    Pensive Well-Known Member

    Hmm who makes the card then? I'd say complain until the cows come home (because likely your not the only one) get someone out to look at it and get them to make it work or else demand a refund. You don't pay 3 grand to get something that won't play the biggest game of the year.
  8. Pensive

    Pensive Well-Known Member

    Its suprisingly easy to get hooked on one game as much as it is alcohol or drugs, because at its core its an escape from reality.

    me = former WoW player so I know first hand :)
  9. crash 9000

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    u cant rly switch between MMOs every couple of hours :p every couple of years. maybe. and i played world of warcraft for 3years... 6271hours according to xfire. didnt get boring.

    and i cant demand to get a better card or get a refund. its the games falt. dell could just sya it was my falt for not making sure that it works
  10. crash 9000

    crash 9000 Member

    so wtf am i ment to do? i was waiting for this game for about a year. got it. dont work. a week later pc gets here :D spend a whole day pluging the dam thing in. and installing new drivers and stuff. install the game which takes like 4hours to installl. dont bloody work
  11. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    I never got into WoW.... The graphics are horrible. I wont pay for crappy graphics.

    I get bored easily so I play 2 or 3 MMOs at the same time, but recently I haven't been playing at all, I am gonna wait a while until my excitement returns.
  12. crash 9000

    crash 9000 Member

    yeh the graphics are bad. i didnt mind the graphics when i was 11. now im alot older i want a game that can y'kno meet up to FPS's and thats 400pounds down the drain. i mean im no computer jenious. well any jenious rly. or actualy particularly smart in any subject but still. thats like 76% of my bank account which ive been saving since i was a wee boy just gone to hopefully get me a system that can finaly play a awesome game on top graphical settings. and it dont even fucking work.
  13. Pensive

    Pensive Well-Known Member

    If not the simpliest solution might be to ask if you can return the graphics card in the unit and get one from Dell that works with Conan for definate.
  14. crash 9000

    crash 9000 Member

    tryed that. they said it was my own falt
  15. Emptysoul

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    sounds like you got robbed, you paid too much for that pc. you could allways just get another graphics card they dont cost too much if you get it online
  16. crash 9000

    crash 9000 Member

    well it was only about 2300pounds. for full warrenty. top grade monitor. and a crappy mouse and keybord. so when u think about it... its not that much
  17. Pensive

    Pensive Well-Known Member

    How so? Surely its their fault if anything if they supplied the system! if you didn't overclock it and if it doesn't do what you want that you should be offered a replacement part under warranty or bought from them. I'd just get back on the phone demand again, and if they say no demand to speak to a manager and get them to sort out your problem. Taking peoples names/dates etc. might be wise too in case they screw you over with history, or you could just email and keep a copy of them all on your PC.

    Only thing about buying one seperate is that it might invalidate the warranty if its not one from Dell unfortunately.
  18. Darken

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    Hey i can understand how you feel. Im a friendless, mateless pc gamer too. Thats all I do is read and game. a boring existence but its all that keeps me sane. I actually was in the age of conan beta, I preordered and got early access. I didn't like the game though, once you get outa tortage its just a typical grind game, and the graphics arent as good too. I'm not good at socializing any ways I wouldn't do to well, thats why Ive just decided to quit mmos forever. Or at least till they release one that isnt team based and has no ridiculous grind requirements to progress. I payed about the same for my computer as you did but I got ripped off even worse. my pc is not even as good as yours I have 2 gb, c2d 6400, geforce 8800 gt. I payed 300 $ for insurance on it and the place got closed down, and a bunch of people got ripped off i read. I should have not bought from a small company like that. my graphics card died out and i had to pay 180 to get the new one too >.< .

    You might be able to trade your card for an equal one with some body. also there is this really cool rpg/fps out called mass effect you should check that one out.
  19. crash 9000

    crash 9000 Member

    nope they say its eidos (the game makers) falt for not supporting that graphics card. and that i should of made sure the system works. its like buying a pc with windows vista and complaing it sux
  20. Zooty

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    I was addicted to UO and CS i spent 16+ hours a day playing each of them over 4 years but you get to the point when enough is enough and u relise no matter how much a game is hyped up it wont live up to your expectations.... you got bored of WoW and within time you will get bored of AoC.

    I know you spend a lot on you computer but take a month out and do something else i know its sometimes hard to get active but try going for a walk, feed the birds do whatever will take your mind off it after a month they may have added support for the high end ATI cards in AoC or your passion for WoW may be renewed.