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    I got tired of people asking me what has happened in my life or asking me what qualifies me to give advice on anything so this i guess is my life story so far.

    I was born in 1983 so that makes me 26 which makes me older than half the people on here!! All was good until i was 4 and my mum died in a motorbike accident. My dad wasn't much help as he put me mand my sisters into care, this is when everything started.

    I got physically, emotionally and sexually abused for the best part of 10 years. They used to tell me that they can do it to me or my sisters whenever i put up a fight so i just had to deal with it for their sake. Then my sister killed herself which made social services decide to stand up and take notice. We then went to live with our grandparents who kicked the shit out of me constantly, so much so that hospital became my second home.

    I left and i got hooked on heroin. By this time i had tried almost every illegal drug you can think of. Then my girlfriend at the time had took a heroin overdose while she was pregnant and subsequently died. I went to prison for the first time for things i wont go into. I got out was still on heroin and got sectioned for the first time. 6 whole months worth of endless psychiatrists and endless diagnoses. Truth is at that time they had no idea what was wrong with me and i was heavily medicated and put on methadone. Got out and the subsequent years was prison and hospital until 2 years ago when i decided to cut the drugs out of my life completely. Had a Hepatitis and HIV test and found out i have Hepatitis C and must have had it for about 7 years because of the viral load. And here i am now, 26 years old, at college, in my own flat, clean for 2 years trying to get on with my life.

    This is not everything that has happened to me by a long shot but its just an overview of my vast life experience. If you can relate to any of this and need a chat send me a PM
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    I am so sad you had to suffer so much at the hands of your carer and that it took such tragedies for someone to finally see and do something god why does it take such tragedies to happen before someone finally steps in and does something why. I am happy that you are able to stay clean for 2 years wow congratualtions on that feat. and that you now are in college Ihope the years ahead of you a more compassionate take care okay
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    Your strength and courage literally amaze me. The fact that you've been through what you have, and still made it to where you're at now, shows how strong you are.