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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Tam23, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Tam23

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    Hello :) my name is Tamara I'm 14 years old.. I'm always depressed of my life :/ if you only guys knew.. I'm insecure about my body of people calling me ''fat'' ''hippo'' ''huge'' :/ it makes me feel bad.. about my self. I have been bullied for 5 years people gossip , spread rumors about me not even true! they call me ''slut'' ''*****'' ''worthless'' ''bitch'' ''skank'' they even tell me ''go die in a hole nobody likes you.'' these words.. hurt me. that time.. I started cutting and I can't stop it became addiction to me :( people hurt me so much.. But, its not only getting bullied in r/l. but I get cyber-bullied.. </3 and being called all these names :( They really make me feel bad about my self and make me committed suicide. I really haven't been in relationship but online (e-dating) his name was joe .. we dated for 1month but he abused me so much and torn my heart apart. He used to tell me ''go slit your wrist'' ''go hang your self''</3 , even though he cheated on me and the time we were going out (online) he was flirting with others .. :[ I'm very insecure about my body.. thats why I'm on eating disorder I barely eat.. or if I eat I force my self to throw up. My dad never asks about me :( he cheated on my mom and he always hits my mom ;/ and I hate seeing my family fighting . My parents don't understand me I feel left out I have 6 siblings including me 4 girls(including me) and 2 brothers. My sisters hate me for no reason :/ they abuse and hit me </3, But no matter what they do I still love them. I just wanted to share my story.. and wanted to get off everything of my chest.. I'm really really done.. I wanna die. I don't like my life. I hate it. I hate it :(
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    That sounds really hard. It's never easy being bullied or put down by anyone, your family should know better than to hurt you like that. We can't change others, we can only change ourselves. You don't have to end your life to make it better. Stay positive, joining a site like this is a good way to get support from people who understand.
    You're way too young to be worrying about your weight, infact it's easier to loose weight when you're younger anyway. You can try drinking more water and being more active, but not eating and forcing yourself to throw up really isn't healthy. Don't worry about boys right now either, there's plenty of time in life to experience relationships, but only a limited time to enjoy your childhood.
    I hope things improve for you, Tam. :)
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