My Life Story.

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by xChocoCatx, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. xChocoCatx

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    it seemt like yesterday was so happy
    but today is not
    seemt like 4 weeks ago it was perfect
    but now its not
    seemt like ive been living in a drema ever since
    but now im not
    seemt like everything was in order, place, and where it should have been.
    but unfortunately not anymore.
    seemt like everyone's drifting away in happiness
    but im not.

    seems like im always drowning in myself with these emotions
    and i am
    seems like im living in hell these past few weeks
    and goddamnit...i am.
    seems like everything is falling apart
    and so am i.

    feels like sometimes i just want to...
    from these people
    that i fear.
    these assholes.

    so scared
    becoz their so unpredictable.
    becoz their so powerful
    becoz im so impulsive
    becoz im so weak
    becoz im scared...
    for one reason that defeats it all.

    day by day
    slowly passes by
    as i enjoy the view from a different perspective
    i see the world through different eyes.
    i think what i see
    i think what i feel.
    but no matter what
    my opinions are always...
    my opinions never...
    my opinions are never...
    my opinions dont mean

    its so frustrating
    so irritating
    so exasperating
    so ...

    in the end...
    all these emotions accummulated
    will be worth
    but it'll definately be worth
    the sorrow i've caused myself.

    freak its so depressing
    all this crap. how i feel inside. but never on the outisde.
    how everytime it feels so hopeless. i just hafta wait it out...slowly day by day.
    it'll all fade away.
    but that scar still remains.

    ill be myself.
    but im not welcomed
    to do so.
    ill be me
    but im not obligated
    to do so.
    ill be true
    but im not required
    to do so.

    but ill do it anyways.
    but they get mad
    becoz i dont follow.
    becoz i take my own paths
    becoz im not a fuking follower like them
    becoz im myself
    becoz im original

    seems liek ill never past this point of life
    seems like time is passing by slower than usual
    fuk im in a badmood
    bitches all fuking me up.

    everyone hides beneath their fake thoughts
    under all that
    are true opinions
    true personailties
    REAL people.
    that sumhow..
    im just never going to beable to see...
    well atelast not from this point.

    ill put on my happy face for you
    but you'll give me the "you're not cool enough" face to me
    ill put on my optimistic face for you.
    but you'll give me the "you're a dumbass loser" face to me
    ill put on my cheery face for you
    but you'll give me the "you're a fucking bitch" face to me.
    ill put these faces for you day to day.
    hoping one day u'd take me for real.
    but god fukit.
    i dont need to act depserate.
    i dont need you at all
    i dont need your jackass whining
    i dont need your snobby attitude
    and i definately dont need you hating me
    but you'd be hatin' forever.
  2. Petal

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    You expressed yourself very well. Very powerful and thought provoking poem :hug:
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