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    im 21 and im a single mom, i have a boyfriend but he's not the daddy's of my daughter i love him so much and he loves me too. but there are some situations that just make our relationship feel so hard sometimes. my family doesnt understand what ive bee through because i try to look strong and calm every single time and they're getting use to it so they dont even try to help me. They keep making me feel like im a bad mom. Eventhough i try my best to raise my daughter. She's 4 y.o. Im still struggling with college life, trying to get a great score while taking care of her. I do everything but still i'm not good enough. Sometimes i just need a little getaway but that won't do because i just dont have time for myself. I wish i could just being as ignorance as her dad. Just fucking walk away and never even think about his daughter a bit. But i have a brain and heart i knw it's my responsibilities to raise her well. But is it too much if i want some help just to make me feel better. Nobody knows that im fucking suicidal every single day. They always thought that im happy, fine, and live my life effortlessly. Im fucking exhausted, i really want to die but i love my daughter so much even when she's so annoying and unbelievably naughty i still try to be the best mom for her
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    What you're doing is amazing - raising your daughter by yourself and still going to college and dealing with everything by yourself. Your family may not understand just how much pressure this can put on someone, but perhaps if you let them know just how hard it is, they might offer to help out now and then? If not, don't be discouraged. You are doing the best you can and feeling the way you do just means you're fighting even harder! Try and have some time to yourself now and then. I don't know if your daughter is at school yet, but if she is, then perhaps use that time to relax a little, if you can. You may not feel very strong, but you are. There aren't many people who can do what you're doing, so be proud! :hug: