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My life sucks

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Well, my life officially sucks. My parents do not want me anymore. They both want me out of the house by the middle of the year. My mother's exact words to me: "I wash my hands of you". My father acts like I do not exist. At least on the bright side I will not have to look after them in their old age.

I have no idea what to do. Looks like I will have to be homeless for a while. I used to be friends with a guy who was homeless by choice. It was some type of spiritual new age thing. So maybe being homeless will not be so bad.

I just hope I can find the strength to go through it. Sometimes I just wish I would die and not have to go through all this. I spoke to a psychic once, and she said I had to realise everything happens for a reason. Another psychic said I need to learn to look after this moment. Apparently the next moment will take care of itself if I am happy in this moment.

My life sucks.


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That is awful...are there entitlements or such you can arrange for yourself so that you have some support when you are out of the house? This is the time to talk to a social worker and see what is available...J
sorry this happening to you

what has happened that has made them want to throw you out?

they could change their minds, I suppose

you may be able to find new living arrangements that are at least ok. you may even be able to find arrangements that are better than what you've got now

we're here to support you. so if nobody else has got your back right now, at least we do.

ok, so maybe you can describe your situation a little better. what country are you in, first of all? there are some aid organizations that might be able to help you find new housing, but they're divided by country

do you have any other relatives that would be good to stay with?

are you working now?

I hope that things work out, and I think they can. Your parents may relent. But if not, I think that if you plan things out well now, you can be ok

oh, this might be better in the crisis forum. you might want to ask the mods to move it


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:S that's harsh. I once upon a time was kicked out of my parents house, and sent packing on a 14 bus ride back into the main city. Apparently I was possessed by deamons and shit.

It was rough, but there are ways through it. The hardest thing was getting support, but because I was just young enough, I got immediate support. Though that support was $180 for food for the month and I think $200 for rent. I cashed neither, i just took the help for job hunting from them. Which helped.. I also called a bunch of friends and eventually found one that let me crash until I got enough money to get a place.

Your parents, to be frank sound like pricks. But I donno.. i know how it goes with parents. You can love them even when they rip your heart out. I really am sorry they are like this with you. I suppose, though, you getting away from this sort of environment will be better for you.

Are you capable of working? Im in a situation where ive been idle but I have to get work now to get my own place. It's just getting the courage to apply to these jobs I loath, and then go to them. But it is doable. I suppose..

IDk what you're thinking of doing, or your age or working situation(s), but there is a way through this so you are in control of your life and can start to build it the way you want. And be around the people you make your life a positive one.

:) Hope you post back
Best wishes

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I hope your parents cool down some by then and decide to let you stay.
I know the professionals told me to do the same to my child i listen once never again will i do that.
Maybe someone is telling you parents to do this i hope they have a change of heart
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