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My Life Worst of All

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by nolove89, May 7, 2008.

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  1. nolove89

    nolove89 Active Member

    Okay everyone here is my life. It's going to be long and sad. Here i go

    I fell on my head when I was 3 years old, and no my parents didn't drop me. From that Fall I have Brain damage, not severe Brain damage but enough which made me not be able to be in normal classes in school. BTW The brain doctor told me people with my IQ level there is only a 3% chance I can make it in college, and I'm sure the 3% are Hot girls that have smart guys do there work for them for sex, and now days girls don't want to date guys that don't go to college, so I'm fucked there. BTW I've never had a girl friend in my whole life and never had a girl as a friend either and I'm almost 20 years old. haven't had a job longer than 1 month. And all 3 places I worked at are all fast food.
    I've been to 4 different Psychiatric Hospitals and seen 3 different therapists that specialize in depression none of that helped at all. The only thing that is keeping me alive right now is my meds which I stopped taking 3 days ago.

    The weird thing is in real life, I'm funny good looking and nice. I just don't understand. It's like fucking God put a GOD DAMN curse on me.

    So if anyone lives near Kentucky I'd like to be friends with you.

    Lastly don't post any god damn response like.... O you're still so young just hold in there. You're day will come. I HATE POSITIVE RESPONSES I GET MORE DEPRESSED WHEN I HEAR THEM.

    Mainly i just want a friend that is kinda like me. Boy or girl
  2. middleofnowhere

    middleofnowhere Well-Known Member

    You probably won't hear from me that tomorrow is a new day...I understand about the friend thing. I fell out of a second story window when I was around 2. School was hard, and college no easier. I've had a satisfactory career, mostly. But the friend thing - I've never had very many friends. Until I was an adult, I had no friends outside my brothers and sisters. Since then, I've almost never had more than one friend. Lots of people I like, lots of people like me, but I can't call them friend. It's a lonely life. I hope you do better with finding friends than I have.
  3. nolove89

    nolove89 Active Member

    Bumb. WOW i have 30 views and 1 post and ZERO private messages Point proven.
  4. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    no, all it proves is that you get what you ask for.

    you specifically asked for no positive responses.

    what is surprising about this result?
  5. This ain't Facebook...

    Not to mention that you've already come across as fairly aggressive, and you only joined 2 days ago. Doesn't mean you have to fake who you are or how you feel (which is obviously fucking shitty) - but you don't make "friends" (depending on what that means to you) by attacking others at the outset.

    btw - love your kitty...

    (and welcome, eh?)
  6. nedflanders

    nedflanders Well-Known Member

    Heh. In case you hadn't noticed yet, I'm on your side in all this. Not that that'll make a difference.
  7. nolove89

    nolove89 Active Member

    Fake who I am and How I feel?.... What do you mean by that. You think what I said was a Lie. I don't make Friends by attacking them at the beginning?

    How am I attacking Them all I said was I have no friends does anyone wanna be my friend. If by that you mean attacking I'm sorry.
  8. nolove89

    nolove89 Active Member

    Thank god I have one person on my Side WOOT WOOT. :)
  9. protonaut

    protonaut Well-Known Member

    I'd be willing to be friends with you, chat about whatever you're interested in, etc. IQ isn't important, there is a certain irony in the idea that people reject others based on such perceived standards. Unfortunately I'm in Maryland, but if given the chance I would be glad to meet you or anyone else interested for that matter.
  10. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    There's numerous reasons as to why you only had one reply at that time - including the fact that search engines scan the site and they view the threads, so a few (or more, who knows) of them 30 views would be that from search index 'spiders'. And anyhoo, you did get one reply, in the first hour of message being posted, and that's good, it's like you blanked it.

    We're a pro-life forum that offers, on the whole, positive responses and help. What type of reply are you hoping for? To say your life is doomed and yes, indeed, you should kill yourself? Well, you're not going to get that here.

    Why did you stop taking your medication? Having brain damage doesn't always stop people from living a good life and you said yourself, your brain damage isn't that bad. Could you speak to the tutors where you attend school and let them know your concerns.

    Also, you don't need a university degree to succeed in life. Hope things improve for you.
  11. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

  12. Casey.

    Casey. Well-Known Member

    Your point is pretty much proven, yes.
    That is- if your point is this "I have no friends because I attack them first"
    Point very much proven.
    I really would like to talk further with you, but I really can't, because from everything that I have read that you have said, you are looking to get a rise out of people. And it works. I'm sorry that "your life sucks", but I would suggest being nicer to people before you ask for friendship.
    Read the rules.
  13. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    I understand being hurt by positive, things will get better messages. Sometimes things don't get better. And when they get worse, it's just a matter of adapting to negative conditions.
  14. xenflyz

    xenflyz Member

    This guy just told me on AIM he's off to jump from a building :rolleyes:
  15. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Guys, as easy as it is to purely think that he's just here to get a rise out of people etc, perhaps this is the one way he feels he can communicate?
    Granted, it's not the nicest way of doing things, but we all react differently when we feel low - some withdraw into themselves, others lash out at people. If we all take a step back, stop being argumentative and insulting towards each other, and just think about why people join here, then perhaps we can all be a bit more compassionate?

    I know it's easy to hold grudges etc, but even people who irritate us, and wind us up, need support. Xen - maybe he does feel suicidal, who are we to judge that and make fun of him about?
    Simply because he's had a bit of a rocky start to his time here, doesn't mean that things can't be turned around, and that starts with us having an open mind, and taking a step back before we post inflammatory comments etc. - that goes for everybody, including nolove89.
  16. touglytobeloved

    touglytobeloved Well-Known Member

    I agree, there is no point of atacking him. He feels low. He react in a way that it might be unapropriate for some of us, but we should accept that he says what he feels, and he says some things in anger because of his situation. We all feel low here. And i know that everyone here felt at least once like he wants to scream and yell to the others. And also he said that positive replyes make him even more depressed. I understand him, I feel like that sometimes... I feel like that often...
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