my life.

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  1. thething912

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    I been humiliated and mocked over 1000 times.

    I fell like an idiot and a freak. I also fell retared and pathetic.

    I am livid because every one humiliates me.

    And, people make me fell like a fool.

    I fell like the reason for being alive is to let others laugh at me, and humiliate me.

    I feel like everyone is better than me.

    People think I'm stupid but I know that I'm smarter than them.

    Also, people humiliate me for no reason.:sad:
  2. twilightki

    twilightki Well-Known Member

    These conflicts are on the outside, what you must concentrate is on the inside.

    "Don't look to the churchs, or the big marble institutions....your divinity lies within." - Emerson

    It's tough my friend, but you have the strength to pull through.:biggrin: