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    A demon lives inside my head, telling me I should be dead.
    Forcing me to be this way, thinking of food everyday.
    Deeper and deeper the cuts do grow,
    Faster and faster the blood does flow.

    A beast rages, inside my soul.
    Helping me reach unattainable goals.
    "skip breakfast if you have to dear
    Swallow your pride, forget your fear".

    My teeth have started to decay,
    And my throat hurts constantly everyday.
    My knuckles are bruised from punching the walls,
    But then with a knife in my hand, someone calls.

    But that murmur is only a voice in my head,
    Telling me to stop or I'll soon be dead.
    I want to be healthy, just like you,
    There's nothing that I wouldn't do.

    So look in to my bloodshot eyes, see the demon that lives inside.
    And then try and tell me I'll be okay; for you it's just another day.
    I could end it all now, but the blood would stop bleeding,
    And then who will take over when my joyfulness needs feeding?

    So for now I just sit and relish this feeling,
    With a 'smile' on my face, and my eyes to the ceiling.
    Tomorrow, I might finish the deed,
    But for the time being, I sit here and bleed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.