my life's lesson

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it seems like life goes on forever until you realise your going to die. the small things can make each day hell while the good things that happen go unnoticed. i always seem to get fucked over when i start to fly, nothing is right and life is a mess and i pray for death but i realise i am god...because i have the power to answer that prayer. rather than fall beneath it all a sprout claws its way through the dirt and stones to see the sun and i start a new, everytime this happens i come out with a new skin that is wiser and holds a stronger shield. i grow and adapt to pain and sadness making me untouchable but nothing is untouchable and no on is made of steel.
for me good things take time but dont last long, bad things happen quickley and last forever.


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Hi Kyle,

Beautifully said. Maybe by keeping working on it, we reach that point of balance we realize that both good things and bad things are transient and that is what life is made of, experiences. The good ones are to bring enjoyment, the bad ones understanding and compassion. wish you a good day :)
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