My little brother (33) just committed suicide Sunday the 11th. I need some help/

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    I am suffering great grief and guilt and no one seems to understand at all. he was like my son. I have a 16 year old son and I can't even tell how he is handling this. I can't eat...I can't sleep. My mom died in 2002 of a massive heart attack and it has just been me and Johnny. now he's gone. I don't even care anymore. No one in my life understandds.
  2. Acy

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    Hiya. :hug: I am so sorry to hear about your losses, especially the recent loss of your brother. Please do not blame yourself. When a person suicides, it is a choice that the individual person makes - and no one else is to blame. With the death of a loved one, grief and regrets are a common response. "I should have [fill in the blank] more" is very common. With suicide, a person chooses their actions because their own pain seemed too great and they don't/can't see any way to avert their pain. It was NOT your fault.

    You are blessed with a son still. Perhaps in a while you and your son could have a "memory day" when you go through the family photo albums and remember times with your brother.

    In the meantime, there are people here who have also lost a loved one to suicide and I'm sure that you will find support. Post as often as you want to get your story and feelings out. Sending you a hug and caring thoughts.
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    I'm really sorry for your loss. I know there are no words right now that will take away the pain. Just want you to know you're being heard, and if you want to talk, you can PM me anytime. :hug:
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    im so sorry for your tragic loss,i dont imagine anything i could say would be enough right now but you are in my thoughts xxx
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    I am so sorry for your loss. When someone suicides it is hard for loved ones to accept their loss as their death is premature, unexpected and most of the time loved ones have no idea of the emotional pain and torment that they were going through at the time. You must trust me when I say it is not your fault. I know words will not heal the pain and grief you are going through but know that you have been heard and we are listening.
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    I'm am so sorry for your loss, and especially one close to you.

    You're welcome here, please keep posting
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    Hi hun i do understand i lost my bro the same way oh god i know the guilt you are feeling please please know there was nothing you could do hun I do hope you reach out now hun and get some support to help you through this sadness this loss You will need all the support you can hun okay You need to also focus on your son who will need your help as well hun to get through this Perhaps both of you can get some therapy together hun Just know the pain you are feeling it does lessen some it does once you come to understand that none of your actions could have helped him hun not if it was a impulsive decision hugs to you okay
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    There are no words. I'm so very sorry.