My little brother.

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    My brother is two years younger than me.
    To recap a thread I wrote tonight about everything: my brother is in a Juvenile Detention Center.
    Before sent there, he wrote these poems.

    The Love of a Child
    To my sister for geting me in to poetry

    The love of a child is one that we miss.
    The one that all of us share.
    We all take for granted the love of a child.
    Because one day that love won't be there.

    N P Drakos


    I am dead, cold as ice
    even though I am alive and healthy
    My soul is gone I see the light
    even though I am in the dark
    Flying up to the pearly gates
    even though it is just my door
    I see blood all over the floor
    even though Its just spiled water
    Is it all real, Am I Dead
    even though it is just a night mare

    N P Drakos

    The World
    To my dad ,peter, for giving so much hell that I had to write a poem.

    I feel like the worlds on my back
    and everyone is depending on me
    It's getting cold
    and I feel like letting go
    The end is getting near
    But the worst isn't over yet
    world is sliping and
    losing hold of my back
    I see the light...

    But then I thought of all the people
    that needed me to bring them to
    I can't just end it all
    for a silly little thing
    got to think of the people
    that I need to bring to

    N P Drakos

    One day the world will stop turning it's back on the lost. He'll learn to finally live without the shit his father left him with.

    That's what he deserves.
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