My little cat died today


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Very sad to hear of the loss of Coco and also for @scottishlady and the loss of her rescue rat. Pets of all kinds are loved by their family and it is always sad when their time to go comes because just having that little animal you can show caring to is a fine quality in people.


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Ahw.. :( I can't imagine losing my cat.

I am so sorry to hear that you've lost such a dear friend.
The feeling you have is far from pathetic really; pets are also loved ones; they are family.

It might take you some time to get used to the fact that your beloved Coco isn't wandering around anymore..
It's sad but you'll get used to it, I am sure!

Stay strong and take care :)


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I am so sorry. Cats are our special friends. Good thing she reached a high age to be with you for a long time. She will always be in your heart. I believe our dear pets never leave us even if they pass away. They are our little guardian angels.
I’m so sorry to hear about your Coco. I can tell that her passing has been very hard on you, and your memories of her will always be with you. It hurts, and yet the hurting isn’t all bad, because it’s a part of the love you feel for her. I hope you’ll feel better soon. Hugs.

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