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my little rant

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by mikey -g-, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. mikey -g-

    mikey -g- Well-Known Member

    i just need to say this stuff.

    i hate my life, have for the past few months. the girl i love treats me like shit and has done for months and im just coming to the realisation that she hates me.

    i cant talk to my family because i dont want to hurt them so i have to hide my true feeling. i have no friends that care

    i go to university and spend the whole day on my own in silence. i dont have a social life whatsoever, i just spend my time in my room, alone.

    ive recently started to self harm, to try and feel something else other than the horrible emotional pain and now i cant seem to stop doing it.

    im close to death, i can feel it. i dont have a reason to go on living my pathetic excuse for a life.

    i need help, but i dont think i will get it in time.
  2. enerjii

    enerjii Active Member

    what in life makes you smile - ???
    change the perspectives, the directions if you need to to find that which you love in your life - start with micro things just to get by . . .
    would you be able to share just some of your feelings with your family?
    if you feel your friends do not care try to find people in society who do - because they are out there - there are so many people that would not want anyone to suffer lonliness like this
    university can be a whirlwind and sometimes have elements that can be extremely challenging to one's mental health - when i went it was difficult
    i still think about some of those hard times now still - so others will feel just as you do
    you may have social anxiety - could you try socialising away from uni
    make your room a haven and try to get out in the fresh air as vitamin D from sunlight is a good mood enhancer
    could you try writing more about hoe you feel and transforming this by taking small action points to each feeling - look up some cognitive behaviour techniques?
    some self esteem information and make sure that you are eating well
    if you are under strain in can deplete you of essential nutrients and thus make you feel worse
    each small step will help
    yur life is not pathetic - do not feel guilty your life is not an excuse - i want you here
    i hope that yu can move through this . . . .
  3. redemption

    redemption Active Member