My looks is killing me

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i havent posted for a while since im not soo depressed as i was before. i changed a lot, i thought, but now im getting these feelings back.

i dont know if this is the right place to post this but i feel so bad about my looks. my face is the ugliest face ive ever seen, my eyes are like im drunk or high 24/7, my body is fat and disgusting. im too big, i feel so big really when im around other girls. i compare myself all the time, my hair, my body, my face, my clothes, my everything. i compare myself all the time around other girls. and im so tired of it.

everytime i look in a mirror or walk by a window or sthing i always look at my body a little to see if i look fat and i always do look sooo fat. but its so strange cause other people, my bf for example says so many nice things about my looks. i cant believe i have a bf either. im so ugly compared to all the other girls. im ashamed sometimes and just wants to dissapear. i spend hours in front of the mirror and i spend even more hours thinking about my looks, what i would do with my hair, what i would wear, what kind of clothes i should get and so on...

what do i do about this? i cant stand myself really. for a while during the summer when i didnt meet with so many girls i felt ok, and i felt kinda slim and kinda pretty and kinda happy, but now when school started, its totally different

please help me!
Aw sweetie :hugs:

I'm so shit at advice, I don't know how to make you feel better except to tell you I feel the same.

It sounds like you have a lovely bf who thinks the world of you, he obviously see's something special in you :smile:
I'm sorry dat my answer is so late. Never really looke
d at this topic.
But I just want to say, I know exactly how you feel. I don't really know what you can do about it. Maybe some therapy might help, to give you more self esteem. What I am doing to "help" myself. Is to avoid everyone, because I don't want people to think I'm not okay and I want compare myself to everyone. But this has caused me even more problems. You'll lose your friends, life, everything through this. Least you can do, is talking to someone. A friend, family, therapy or a psychologist.
And I want to thank you for this post, made me think about this more. So I think will see a specialist and you should do it too.
Take care and keep hoping


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I can only understand a little on looks. I compared myself to others on making good grades. I never did as well as "them". If they got B, I got a D. Finally someone took me aside and told me 'You cannot go thru life comparing you to everyone else. You have to just compare to YOURSELF. If you get a C now, can you get a B next time? If you start that job as a clerk can you advance to _____? Compare yourself to YOU. Cuz you are the only one you have control over." It is really hard to change your mind but it helps you not try to measure up to others.
I think your reactions are pretty normal, part of growing and learning. Maybe talking with a counselor or asking the school person for a name to call, even a local hotline...just to find a resource.
Hope this helps. You are not alone.
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