My love interest might be dying

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    I have come back after years of inactivity. If you look at my posts in 07 and 08 it becomes very obvious i was anti-sex/relationship. I have since found out how to get swarms of women (male stripping) and/or kill my desire for them (porn).

    Anyway. My current love interest broke my heart in 08 and now she is back. She might be dying she has a lot of health problems and might have cancer (she won't tell me if she does or not). Her daughter died in 07 and she has had a pretty apathetic view on life ever since. I don't know what to do or how to help her. She might or might not still be doing heroine. I just don't know how I should deal with this. There is much more to this story that i will tell later but for now im too busy.
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    Make her feel safe with you. For me it sounds a bit like she's scared. Be there for her, be someone she can go to when she feels bad and wants to cry. Be her best friend :)
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    I thought I would update everyone... She isn't dying but she is in jail.