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    I wrote this poem quite a while ago.

    My love, hold me in thy arms,
    so that I may dream.
    Kiss my cheek,
    and tell me you missed me.
    Hold me tight,
    so I can feel secure and safe.
    Guide my lips,
    to thy peaceful beautiful face.

    My love, lets dream of a place,
    far from reality.
    Look me in the eyes,
    tell me this is where we should be.
    Lets build a dream,
    Beyond earthly imagination.
    Discovering the way,
    with a priceless illustration.

    My love, as I drift away,
    in thy arms and dream.
    Close thy wonderful eyes,
    and dream with me.
    We'll venture to a beautiful blue lake,
    where the doves fly.
    Content with a clock,
    Which has no hands to tell time.

    My love, we'll see into each other's souls,
    opening our hearts.
    Turning a simple touch into a formidable,
    flaming spark.
    Letting our hearts fill with smiles,
    of unremitting love.
    Flying to the heavens,
    cradled on the wing of a dove.

    My love, we'll hold on to this dream,
    until the end.
    Sharing the rest our lives,
    like best friends.
    When it comes time for one of us to die,
    we won't fret.
    For we know we'll meet,
    on eternals other side.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.