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    My red eyes and without winking to sorrow, they look at the woman that they have to the front with the same pain that she feels. One night mas have gone out to look for my ruin and not, he was not thinking about her when the bitter flavor of this shit was going down des my nose up to my throat and was relaxing. But as scourges of whip, I have prohibited me to cry, that you do and it is what mas hurts me, because of it I not, I do not have right. I you want mas that everything in the world and your me you do not believe, because you say that if it was true I would not drug myself. You are the only reason for which I want to be still alive, I know that a mother educates a son to see it to grow and that it is something in the life, but I always have felt different, displaced, with my paranoyas, now I do not support to be with people, live in my rare world, everything what a mother does not wish
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    Scuse me, I have been wrong of section