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    I think its over. I can't stop crying. We had lots of problems through out the past 2 years, but I thought his love was so strong for me that he couldn't leave me. Sometimes, I thought about leaving. I had commitment issues, but at the end of the day, I knew I could never leave my husband. He was everything for me. I can't stop thinking about all the good times, all the travels. He became almost like a father to me. Our different religions divided us, including our family. He feared I would have kids and not raise them in his religion. We were having money problems, so two months ago, he went out of state to work, He met this awful old guy who put all these ideas into his head. I have nobody to talk to and nobody to cry to. My family can't make me feel good. They feel bad for me, even my mom, but they just make me feel worse. Two weeks ago he told me he had enough. Since then, we text and call and argue. I wish I could just go a while without talking with him and maybe he could have time, but its so hard. Is there anybody who wants to talk on some sort of messenger? Please, only positive people though!! I am really having a crisis! My whole life after 2 years is over. I have no close friends and no family who understands. I can't even get to a counselor now. I just need some comfort. Preferably, somebody my age or older message me. BTW, I'm 24. Somebody in the USA would be great too!
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    The thing that really sucks and hurts me is that I had an abortion last year. He was there for me. We both weren't ready for a baby, but I really regret it! I know a baby couldn't save the marriage, but I will always think, "What if?" Now, I've had to be alone for all the holidays and I will be alone for our anniversary coming up too :'(
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    Hi C - I am sorry to hear about your marriage crisis - I would be happy to talk with you, or PM or Skype or whatever. Unfortunately now is not a good time due to upcoming holidays - but will be back on board beg February, if that is of any use. I am of your parents generation though, probably a bit too long in the tooth to give you any advice you might want to listen to - but there are ways to heal a marriage if that's what both of you want, or even if it's just one of you - I could PM these through if you'd like that (from my counsellor/mentor).