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My Marriage

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As the old joke goes, Marriage is a great institution, provided you don't mind living in institutions.

We have had our differences. What marriage doesn't? We got through them.

About 10 years ago she asked for a divorce. We worked through that, so I thought.

Not much has changed. The only time we are "married" is when we are with people that know us as a married couple. During those times (few, and far between), we are "Us", innuendos/sexual jokes are giggled at, but when it is just us, she ignores me unless I am insistent.

I often think I could set myself on fire and all that she would worry about would be whether or not it would effect the sale price the house

Were all together

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I find myself in the same boat friend. However, I try not to let it get me down. I see it as a lesson learned on the path of life. I refuse to let it defeat me. I will survive it and come out better than before. Try and do the same.
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