My medication is useless without Methylfolate

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    A fair amount of people (apparently) are deficient in the bioactive form of Folic Acid, despite showing normal levels of Folic Acid itself. This form is called ''Methylfolate''.
    There are a heckload of scientific studies which demonstrate its efficacy in treatment-resistant cases:

    what made me make this post was something extraordinary. I started antidepressants at 19, and started Methylfolate at 21 (it's cheap enough to buy).
    About a couple of months (I'm now 26), I decided to stop taking it, as I still had some bad anxiety, and thought it might be a cause.... and over the last few weeks, my whole outlook on life completely changed. I started to feel hopeless about everything (although my situation hadn't changed), decided things would not get better, and developed a suicide plan. And this was all in spite having access to so many meds!
    So I restarted Methylfolate a week ago, and only right about now am I finding myself slightly moving away from the edge.

    Do any of you guys use this at all?
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    No i do not use it but am sorry to hear that you are suffering such anguish. Like you, I battle through on a day by day basis but you have to remain strong. This might not be you, but I live life on the edge everyday and some how manage to survive. I strongly suggest that if it's helping you to take the edge off then please continue to use it. I suggest that you also speak to someone about this if the situation gets worse.

    Please remain calm and safe. Said in a nice fashion.
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    That is very interesting - thanks for sharing and for the links. Proper nutrition and if a person had deficiencies reasonable supplements certainly makes sense regardless and would be worth a try for many I think. Folic acid deficiencies has been linked to a lot of different issues, and while this is th efirst I have heard about depression it is not surprising to me, and something I will be reading more about. I really appreciate your sharing of your experience with it.
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    No meds have helped me. the last time I tried to see someone he labeled me as having a depression that is non-responsive to meds. I am off to read the articles as soon as they laod.