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My Mind is Wandering Too Much

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I cannot sleep because my mind is overloaded with choices I am not really equipped to answer just yet.

The choices pertain to my workout plans. So here is the deal. About.. I guess it was a couple of weeks ago my personal trainer turned me onto this new gym. From the outside the gym looks really nice. It very big and has a lot of amenities.
  • A climbing Wall <--- I really miss climbing
  • Racquet Ball Courts
  • Indoor Turf Fields
  • Lots of equipment and space
  • A Spa
  • Several Pools
  • A restaurant
  • Nice Lockers
  • Martial Arts Room
  • Equipment for doing real physical testing.
  • They have some kind of rewards program
All of this seems really nice. I have not really had a chance to give my 14 day trial a chance... so it is hard to say if I am going to stay. They seem to have plenty of fitness classes I can attend. Their equipment is newer and more advanced. However, there are a few caveats
  • They are More expensive, dues and personal trainers
  • I Have To Drive There
  • My Trainer is not going to be there
Really the first two things are not that bad. It is the third thing that gets me.

My trainer referred me to this gym after he started interviewing for a job there. However, today he was talking to me and is not sure he wants to change jobs. He has his own personal reasons. This is kind of where I am stuck. You see while I have been training with him for almost a year... I have not really been paying attention to the pattern he has been running me through. This pattern has also drastically changed over the past couple of months as well. I know a lot of his personal exercises and their benefits.. I just cannot put a pattern together. So ideally I would like one last set of sessions to figure out his general patterns while he is there. If I had all my data I am sure I could figure it out for myself. Which is something I might as him for... after all I am not know that finding another $1100 for another 20 sessions with him is not going to be a good idea. I can find the money... it is just money I should not be spending... since technically I do not have a chunk of it, figuratively of course.

Now I could go to this other gym. However the same amount of sessions would cost me $1800. Which is money I know I do not have. However, just need to find that pattern... at the same time this other gym charges for most of its advanced tests... they are not cheap either, $100 for a nutrition test.... Not to mention their programs are centered around their hardware.. which is around another $250... so.. yeah I do not know what to do really..

The problem is that no matter what choice I made I see myself losing. If I choose to stay at my current gym... well I am going to be out a chunk of cash for one last set of personal training sessions. However, I will be able to continue down the road towards my fitness goals... which are really important too me. My biggest issue with myself is my appearance. I hate having that extra ring of fat around my gut. Really it is the only thing keeping me from going out and experimenting socially. I want to feel physically attractive and I do not feel that way yet. Staying at my current gym will make that goal easier. On the other hand there is the monetary issue.

Three... well really Four years of psychotic spending has started to catch up with me. I know this because I used to get increases on my credit cards once every four months. However, I have not had one for over a year. I have to say I have racked up more debt that I want too... what with my car loan and my credit cards. So I really need to be putting my extra money towards that... however at the same time... it is not a big confidence breaker for me. Yeah I feel stupid, but finances are finances... they are private. So I just do not know....

My mind is racked by this conundrum... I do not see a "right" choice anywhere... it sucks... it is also very annoying. I wish I could think of a third option... however my mind is too focused on my self-esteem and money issues to find one...

Anyway thanks for listening... this should get enough information out of my head to help me sleep. If anyone can offer advice on what they would do. Or maybe offer any other options that would be nice as well. I am just starting to get lost again... I do not know what to do... especially since I am going to try to move away here next year... however that is not a talk for now. Again thanks
I think you should give the 14 day trial a chance. Then you'll be able to tell whether the fitness trainers/classes there can meet your personal fitness goals. I think the safer route is sticking to your current personal trainer for another 20 sessions. You need to answer issues with your self-esteem and yet do not want to up the budget deficit by another $700. Figure out the patterns while you're still training with him. Who knows, maybe after this set of sessions you'll be more financially adequate to change gyms. I have to say if you could stick to a routine yourself, then you can forget the cost of a personal trainer and a climbing wall does sound really inviting:).
I think exercise at most is down to convenience. It has to be simple enough to stick to long term and enjoy but at the same time benefit your personal goals. I've had personal training and nutrition sessions last year but realized riding the transit system for 2 hours every time for it wasn't doing me any convenience. So instead I bought a Gazelle elliptical (which only cost me $50 from KiJiJi) and started running in front of my favorite shows half an hour a day. I stopped scrutinizing my diet and instead stuck to a basic guideline of eating whole and organic foods. So in three months I was down 20 pounds to a size 2. It isn't alot of weight but the process took no effort at all, especially not $500 checks out of my wallet every 2 weeks. If you're working a job, tight on credit, but want to get fit, sometimes there are more ideas than going to a gym. You could simply buy an elliptical and train at home. It is repetitive, but it's just as efficient and you don't have to make any room for it on your receipt. Save the extra money for some organic produce, detox cleansing, a new hair cut, or other accessories.
I hope you can make a decision. Meanwhile I think I can finally fall asleep, it's 6 am and I went to bed at 11. Good luck :)


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@NightPetals: Well this past week was the first part of my trial. I am pretty sure that I am going to stay at my current gym. I do not like the spin bikes at the new gym. Plus the new gym is hyper family oriented. So I am having to dodge kids every 2 steps. When I look at their class schedule I am not really missing anything that I cannot do at my current club. Like I said I have to drive. 10 miles round trip. That is half a gallon of gas. My vehicle has 15 gallons. Plus I have to drive to my train station. <_< so yeah... there is that. >_> plus there is not that many attractive females at the new gym. ^_^ while distracting I prefer attractive females to the worn out moms at the new gym.

I think I can afford one last set of personal training sessions. I want to focus on learning how to do free weights. That way I can just use my apartment gym.

Thanks for the reply.


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plus there is not that many attractive females at the new gym. ^_^ while distracting I prefer attractive females to the worn out moms at the new gym.

LOL..choice made then..:biggrin:
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