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    Hannah is thinking she wants to move here? and it should be great i should be so happy but i'm not. I wonder if it's the right thing for her to be aaround a psycho all the time. she might go psycho too. that would't be good at all and i can't stop crying :cry: my girl is at a friends house she has been at work all day and god do i ever miss her..
    the voices are bad right now i'm hiding under my desk writilng this surprised i even have internet here. my girl might come home and end up cuttign coz these voices won't shut up :cry: HELPME please someone help me get them away from me I WANT TOXCUT :cry: FML!!!!!!!!
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    It was nice talking to you tonight hun.

    Please take care and PM me if you need to talk :hug: xx
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    Try phoning crisis okay phone a family member a friend to just get grounded to where you are. Hearing a real voice does help even call a clergy person anyone to get yourself stabilized a bit. If your hearing voices your medication needs to be either increased or switched up a bit Call you psych doctor let know what is happening so the voices will go away and stay away.