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my mind or your mind

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Why do we always question ourselvers let our mind runaway with thoughts we can not controll, and at the same time we question ourselves, we do not do it till after we have done something then the questioning becomes more intense to the point we can not answer the questions because we have made the situation so difficult. Our minds play tricks on us leading us to believe in something that we normally would not even fathom, but here we are with these thoughts in our mind to the point all our thoughts start running together and we have a hard time peicing them together our minds begin to turn to a jumbeled mess witch makes it even harder to controll. Then comes the empty feeling, do we push all those thoughts to the back of our mind because dealing with them is to hard to cope with not knowing that this empty feeling in ourselves is just as unbareable not knowing wich way to turn, not really knowing how to feel, it is a mess, Feelings of worthlesness comes on strong with the feeling that being nonexistint would be for the best, We feel empty but yet so hurt is it our innerself that is trying to speak to us make us feel, or is it our innerself who has the feeling of emptienest and it is our mind trying to break through to make us feel like we have worth, How do we seperate those feelings to know wich is the best or does it make us more screwed up than we originally thought of ourselves. Sorry if this makes no sense at times I don't think clearly.


I personally can understand what you are saying.. and I agree with the brunt of your message..


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I spend waaaaay too much time trying to sort out feelings and thoughts. Part of me wants to try to ignore them all as some thoughts can't be sorted and some are too painful to deal with.

My logical side wants to dissect them or turn them inside out and upside down...to empty them out and find out exactly where they come from and why I'm thinking/feeling them at all.

Jumbled messes, indeed. :/

I don't know why I do it.

I do hope you find some comfort.

You aren't worthless.
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