my mind was messing me around today!!

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  1. meagainstme

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    dont know why but today i felt particularly on edge and anxious.
    i went in college and even though its a small class and im perfectly comfortable with everyone i felt like everyone was pretending to like me and is secretly judging me. when i was asked to be in a photograph [i do photography] i totally freaked out and was like ''NO NO!! I CANT'' and i went bright red and really sweaty. i dont even know why...

    i got given a small job to do and it was nothing. but afterwards i felt so damn nervous and anxious that i was sweating loads and had to take deep breaths to calm myself down.

    then later i was looking around and feeling so paranoid. and if i caught someones eye i was thinking ''they dont like me. i wonder what they really think of me''

    then later on this guy on my course started laughin and i got scared and asked what he was laughing at.
    and then he smiled at me and i was really paranoid and asked why he was smiling at me like that.

    gosh im not usually like this.

    why is my mind doing this to me?? why is it against me??
  2. reborn1961

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    Is this your first year in college? If so it is pretty normal to feel nervous. It will get better with time and getting to know the other students. If you have had this before, perhaps talking to a doctor may help. There are medications for anxiety/panic attack/social phobia. Perhaps see how the rest of the week goes. If it is really bothering you, see a doctor. Good luck with the class.
  3. Robin

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    If you feel you have an issue that is affecting your day to day life and it is happening on a more frequent basis and not just the very occasional time then I think it's best you get some professional advice, you might however, just had a bad day and I'm sure we can all relate to that. Does this happen often?
  4. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    ive been suffering with this chaotic mind for around 7 years now. ive been on numerous meds and on meds now to calm me down. nothing seems to get rid of this thing in my mind. :(

    p.s. its not my first year in college. im perfectly fine around these people and confident. sometimes i just cave.
  5. reborn1961

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    When is the last time your meds were evaluated? Sometimes you become tolerant of meds and they need to be changed. I am not sure if you have done this yet but go back to your doctor and let him/her know the meds are not working. Also ask him/her to reevaluate your diagnosis. I know that sounds odd but it can happen. I was being treated for PTSD and depression for 7 years before they realized I was also bipolar. The change in the medicaton made a pretty big difference. Doesn't hurt to check it out.