my mom found my pipe...

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Ozzy Manson, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Ozzy Manson

    Ozzy Manson Well-Known Member

    so two days ago my mom found my pipe :/ thank god there was no weed in the same location, just my rather colorful pipe... im flipping out, i made the decision recently after witnessing one of my closest friends getting taken away from school in an ambulance due to drug related seizures that i would stop doing everything but cigarettes and booze...and then the day after that my mom found my pipe. one lucky thing for me though is she thinks it is a tobacco pipe. she already told my dad though, and he is the source of all the pain i go through, quite honestly im scared to death that because of his connections with the courts and police in our county he will have me drug tested or will know it is a weed pipe... i've already caused my mom so much pain, after she found out about my self harm last year, and now on almost the exact date of last year i had to tell her about my SH she finds my pipe. sorry this is just kind of a rant, but my parents haven't talked about finding my pipe since i found out my mom did, and they still have it because i searched there room to find it so i could clean it out and off some. can anybody offer some advice? thanks for anything you can offer, even well wishings...
  2. tweetypie

    tweetypie Antiquities Friend

    Hi :) big hug
    I think you should talk to your mom and just tell her the truth maybe just lay it all on the line about your worry with your dad? She sounds like she may understand ? I dont have any experience with this but i hope it turns out ok !
  3. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    It would not be a big deal in my area - although your age would likely be the biggest concern.

    I'm loathe to tell you to lie to your mum though - but sometimes the worry might be too much for them. If you said you found the pipe, I don't know, maybe you'd feel wrong about lying. Maybe its a white lie as your not exactly using cannabis a lot are you?

    Drug testing only works if you continue to use cannabis - its usually out of the body by 28 days by usual testing - often less if you exercise, drink water and fluids and eat well.

    If your mum has said nothing she has likely just being discreet - letting you know she knows but looks like she will keep it herself. After all mum will have seen pot and other drugs in her life - cops and courts, they use just as many drugs as Joe Public in my experience.

    Good luck - open up to mum if you feel like she will not be panicked and think you are a crack head!
  4. Ozzy Manson

    Ozzy Manson Well-Known Member

    she knows already that my dad is the source of my pains, but nothing every changes....i wish i could be open, but i dont think telling her i started doing drugs on her birthday last year would go over well. thank you for the well wishes though! :hug:

    my age probably does pose some concern, i'm 14 and a freshman in HS. it is kinda a white lie i suppose, i'm doing it to protect her from more hurt more or less. and i don't smoke it often no, 2 or 3 times a week during the summer max, other then that 2 times a month. at this point i haven't smoked pot for 3 days, only cigarettes. i will try to get some exercise and drink water more just in case i suppose though. I'm hoping maybe them not saying anything is showing they will just let it slide and see what happens, but on the flip side it could come and bight my ass at any moment... seeing as how they don't seem to know exactly what it is used for brings some hope though. thanks for your input!
  5. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    At 14, I got to say, your too young to be smoking cannabis.

    Cigarettes also!

    If you take your education seriously, best to leave that pot out of your pipe until you go to university or something - I know enough students smoke, and pass exams as well as a joint - but cannabis affects your capacity to learn at a younger age if you get a habit for it.

    I know we have trouble in local schools with it.

    For some pupils, those at the stage of smoking a joint with friends before school, and the older ones who will be selling drugs before they leave school, its mainly the exposure to younger pupils which is the worry. Those using so young are a worry also - its unfair we have this messed up legal situation which is akin to prohibition. Adults have truly made a mess of things - made it easier for any child to see drugs as good thing just by us lying about them. Young people see through the hypocrisy aged 12 upwards when the truth would be better.

    You are 14, maybe a friend aged 15 thinks its nothing to pass you a joint. But what if someone is 13? Maybe you'd not pass a joint to them, but many will. Anyone a year older than someone - is not going to see a child. You do not see yourself as a child - nor will a 12 yr old. All I'm saying is that you can end up younger and younger people smoking. Cannabis is a mild psychoactive drug - the main danger is using at a young age and getting a habit. You only use recreationally, but if so, you can stop for 28 days, maybe buy a cheap drug test for yourself.

    You will be smoking the odd cigarette perhaps - likely as not having the odd drink soon enough. It happens. Might as well be at a home party with some adults making sure you don't get too drunk and fall for some clown.

    Also you got risks - I mean, if your smoking at school, what happens if one gets caught or one pupils parents buy a simple drug test which sadly nails any toker because. like I say, it takes up to 28 days to get out of the system.

    I'm not going to scare young people with something that you know or will know to be a lie. You likely get that in school and if you have parents who have never used, maybe they just repeat what the government says.

    Just bear in mind, when you are an adult you can make your own mind up about drugs. Likely as not you will be heading for a higher education (no pun intended) and you need a clear mind from the age of 14 till 16 - as that is when you take all those exams and so on.

    Just be careful as it is illegal and if you use with others then the chance of being busted is higher, especially when you are 14 and neither you or friends will be too aware of the law.

    Aged 18, you'll know people training for law - might be your forte also. Then you will have a better judgement as to who you use with - if you use at all. At 18, I know some of my younger relatives have the odd toke, fellow workers, neighbours and maybe the postman.

    If this is your only problem, then rest easy as as long as you stay off it for another couple of weeks or so - eat well, drink plenty of water (just the daily 8 glasses max)

    I'd advise anyone aged 14 to stay away from cannabis at that age. After exams, you see the older school pupils 'chilling out' - drink but some are obviously smoking the Bob Marley special judging by their red eyes, giggles and the fact they look like they might not be safe near heavy machinery.

    Hope you can leave this out till you are a bit older. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages at your age. You can damage an education, more so by being caught than it affecting you. If you are a casual smoker, that helps, but you have to go for the 28 days just to prove to yourself you can get along without it.

    Keep out of trouble - get your education and whatever you do as an adult is your own business.

    Maybe this advice will be useful to others out there.
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