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My mom found out everything

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So mom has found out about everything since my school mailed my grades home. She has also found out about my pill use. Her reaction was what I had predicted. My father's reaction will probably be even worse. Everything is out in the open and I feel like I'm dying. Everyone knows what a phatetic piece of shit I am now. My sister is the only one who understands and she had me promise her I wouldn't hurt myself. What should I do now? I'm stuck!


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I am sure your parents love you and care for you a lot. When they find out their child has problems with mental health or pills etc it is very shocking for them to hear and they can act angry or lash out especially if they have never experienced mental health issues themselves. Its their way of coping with the news and you will have to let them absorb it. It will be very new to them. I know its not nice your parents knowing because you can feel very exposed and like you have lost control but now they know yiu dont have to keep your emotions shut away. Now they might understand any recent changes in mood or behaviour and can support you. Im glad you have a supportive sister and you should keep your promise to her and not harm yourself. Things should calm down in a couple of days hun in the mean time come here and post how you are feeling and come here for support thats what we arw for. Tc hunni keep safe xxxxx


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Hi Terrie,

Please be gentle to yourself. What’s happening is beyond your control. You have done what you could. Your mom will calm down and face the reality with you. It may not be easy for her to understand your mental issues as you said that she is very strong. Hopefully you can also find some strength in yourself as you are her daughter…

You know that you love your family. You do not really want to hurt yourself. You want to be able to live and help your family. School is one way to go for making a living, but it is not the only way. There are other jobs that you can do without having to graduate high school. Again, it may take time for your mom to face the reality with you, but there are so many possibilities in life…

You are only 19. Life is yet to really begin. Don’t feel bad for who you are or what you will do for living. You are as worthy as any other human beings. Our mind can be confusing sometimes. How you think and feel will change - that’s for sure! Give yourself more time. Give life a chance. Think about living…be open to life…

Please hang in there... :hug:


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Terrie15 said:
Everyone knows what a phatetic piece of shit I am now.
Im sorry but just because certain people think you are bad,IT DOESNT MEAN YOU ARE!!!!!

Alot of ppl have a hard time accepting what they dont consider to be "NORMAL" (Made up word (IMO)) you are a GOOD PERSON and its important to remember that!!

I hope things get better for you :)

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You are not bad hun you are suffering and have an illness I hope you get into treatment and get some help for your sadness and heal hun. Your parents reaction is normal but the will calm down and see you need to get help hun hugs to you
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