my mom is hinting about suicide

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    hi everyone,

    so my mom is 50 and going through a divorce. my dad cheated and she is so sososooo depressed. and keeps talking about suicide. i dont know what to do. i called my psych and asked what i should do, and she didnt help much.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    this sounds like a tough time for your mum, a total change in her life and a massive emotional one, now is the time she needs to talk and maybe she doesnt think she can or hasnt got anyone to talk to.
    sit her down and be open and honest with her, if she wants to talk she will but she will also know you care and she has a way to let go of her feelings to a loved one

    take care
  3. I am very sorry for your mums troubles, and your worries. Your mum has a lot to come to terms with, same thing happened to my mum, all i can suggest is be there for her, listen and tell her how worried you are about her. It will help her to talk to you and not bottle it up, it is positive she had been open with you and told you she if feeling this way, we sometimes say it in jest, when we feel like it is all building up, but also we need to take it serious.

    My mum and dad split up, and it all went wrong from there, my mum was very unwell for 7 yrs she had other problems so I am suggesting this is going to happen to your mum by no means, I did every thing to help,but my mum could not be helped she had reached the end of her road.
    we finally lost the battle when she took her life almost four years ago, and not a second goes by where I dont think of her, i am lost without her.But with hindsight, be there for your mum she needs you, you are her daughter, im sure she will pull through with your support, rally all her friends to keep an eye on her, but at the same time she will need breathing space.

    Do you live near your mum, I went to see my mums doctor, I believe you have already done this. Go again sometimes you need to shout very loud get heard, where are you from uk we have a support group called Mind, ring them up if your are uk.

    evenings were the worst times for mum, as she was on her own and had time to mill things over in her mind, if you want to pm me you are very welcome.

    All the best take care.

    shelley x:mellow: