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my mom wants to be evil

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morning rush

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yep that's what she told me yesterday...

she said that being a human was boring and she wanted to have fun hurting others...:blink: yeah I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and she was bragging about it like it was a gift...she was telling me you don't know how mean I can be...and I said oh yes I do...you think I don't know alot but I know more than you think...then she went on saying she was going to teach me how to be mean..I said no thank you, I like who I am, I like being kind, supportive and good...

you know what her illness is like alcohol, it reveals the true person in you, it remove the I shouldn't do this barrier...

both my parents are psychos, wtf??? what does that make me? am I going to turn out like them when I'm older? jesus I hope not...

my mom thinks I'm this stupid person that knows nothing and only she can teach me about life...she can't accept that I know more than her and that I don't need her to teach me anything...

total eclipse

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YOu are right you do not need her and NO you will not turn out like t hem hun My identical twin has schizophrenia my daughter my brothers but i did not get it so you won't either your mother you can not listen to her crazy ramblings okay
You keep yourself safe and don't believe anything she says You can look after you you have been doing it for awhile now so keep you safe okay hugs
Wow that doesn't sound really bad.

It is sad that human beings like to hurt others. She must hate herself to want to hurt others, in some strange way it must be her way of feeling power and in control.

You sound like a sweet person I think you should consider moving out on your own :hug: you want to be around kind, understanding and compassionate people.
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