my mom wants to kill herself

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  1. jemwlucy

    jemwlucy New Member

    I am 22 years old and for the first time I have no idea what to do.
    My mom has always had problems with depression and drugs, but ever since i had my daughter she seamed to be doing much better.
    My mother would stay home with my 17 month old baby while i went to work. I am a single mother so i need to work... alot.
    about a week ago she started to act really weird, she takes methadone every day but she's so used to it she doesn't act drugged up anymore, but this one particular morning she i asked her if she took anything else, and she denied it. But as I was getting ready for work i noticed she was nodding off while standing and acting completely drugged, so as a result i stayed home from work to watch the baby. Unfortunately, this lead to me loosing my right?
    Eventually i got my mom to admit to taking some other drug that she bought from one of her friends. She said she took it "so she could watch the baby better"
    You can only imagine how angry I was, she actually passed out and locked herself in the bathroom. What if I was at work and my daughter was alone with her?
    So now i stay home with the baby every day, but ever since then my mother has become so mean and nasty. She keeps telling me to move out, but i have no where to go. All she does all day is yell and scream and tell me she wished she aborted me.
    This has become such a hostile environment for my baby and i Have no idea what to do.
    Now, to make things worse, my mom is now telling everyone she's going to kill herself on New Years Day.
    I tried calling her therapist, but she tells them Im a liar. And i tried calling her methadone clinic, but again she tell them im a liar.
    My mother is an adult and I can't force her to get help, so Im stuck. No one will help me unless she's lying on the floor passed out from and overdose....
    I feel so do i help my mom while saving my baby from watching all this greif?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    YOU can only keep you safe and your child safe. Look into community support for you and your child to see what is out there so you can leave that toxic environment. Inform her doctor something needs to be done now Next time she flares up at you call the police or crisis number and get her formed okay so they can get her stabilized Stay safe get somewhere where she can no longer emotionally abuse you and your little one.
  3. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    Hello Jem w Lucy!

    Wow, this sound like a tough situation. First of all, praise to you for being such a good mom to your baby. I hope you will be able to handle this situation with your own mom!

    Are you in the states?

    this link has lots of child/family welfare links

    I don't know anything about these organizations, but here is one from the list

    If you go to this site and select your state and enter the age of your baby, you should get a list of resources.

    description is below

    ARCH National Respite Coalition (NRC)
    4016 Oxford Street
    Annandale , VA 22003
    Phone: (703) 256-9578
    The Mission of the ARCH National Respite Coalition is to secure quality, accessible, planned and crisis respite services for all families and caregivers in need of such services in order to strengthen and stabilize families, and enhance child and adult safety.

    The National Respite Coalition (NRC) is the policy arm of the ARCH National Respite Network and it also works with State respite coalitions to build State Lifespan Respite Systems. The Network is a membership organization of respite providers, family members, crisis nurseries, State and local agencies and organizations interested in and supporting respite and crisis servics. The Network maintains the National Respite Locator services at and it also provides access to respite start-up manuals, factsheets, evaluation guides and more for both parents and professionals at
  4. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    I wish you luck, methadone is a horrible legal drug that they give to people trying to overcome addictions, its nothing less than synthetic herione. Please be very careful about letting your mother take care of your baby.

    If you feel that your mother is in danger, call 911, they will committ her until they can evaluate her, atleast 72 hours.
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