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    my mom just lied completely to my ex then when he went up stairs shes like im goin to try everything to break you friendship and he dont believe me and im goin to kill myself how can my family do this to me.. i cant have him as a bf so were best friends and shes goin to say this and then look at me when his back is turned and be like haha im goin to do w.e i can to break ur friendship up.. shes always trying to act like the one being hurt or like she never lies but she just did this to me and im not goin to forgive her for this.. she can goto hell now. i have nothing for her like i have nothing for my sister.. so im goin to off myself or cut my self.. maybe life will b better if i start that again cause she seemed to care then and sence she wants to b a bitch ill just go and do it.. GO FUCK OFF. and if my ec dont believe me HE CAN GOTO HELL TO i swear on his life this is all true....
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    Instead of killing yourself, is there a friend or relatives you could stay with for a while to let this all cool down. Also is there anyone in your family (Uncle, Aunts, Cousins) that could help you out.