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my mom

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Unfortunately, I had to tell my mom that I needed to see a therapist so I could use insurance to pay for it. But she doesn't even ask why I need therapy. She doesn't ask if there is anything she can help me with. She is probably thinking you can go to a therapist but I don't even want to know why. I hate her. Maybe she should realize it is partly her fault why I am so screwed up. If she doesn't care about me, then I don't care about her. It just sucks that this leaves me with no one. My dad is no help either. Is this a sign that I am such a horrible person that not even my parents care? Because that is what it makes me feel like.


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Perhaps your mum is like mine, anything she don't like or might suggest that she is less than perfect...DON'T EXIST. Including me if I rock the ideal picture she has of herself.

If this is the case, it aint gonna change, you have to learn to ignore it where possible and accept that your never going to have the mum you want. It's taken me years to get there, but I know I'll never have the mother that other people have, she's not capable of it.


Sometimes parents really haven't got a clue what their actions might do to their kids. She probably isn't even aware she's done something wrong. Sometimes you have to spell it out to them.


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It is hard to accept that your own parents will never help you. I know mine won't. Every time I go home I only hear them complain about every little detail. It is horrible. I feel like I am not welcome there. They don't love me and never will. Same goes for the dorm I'm in. I feel like my roommate hates me. Although, maybe that is partially my fault. I don't know what to do when it comes to people. I'm not welcome anywhere in real life.

At least I'm always welcome here. I hope.:unsure:
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