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My mother has Covid-19

Lady Wolfshead

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I'm in shock. Anyone else going through this? She is 83 although no medical conditions. She is only feeling mildly sick right now so maybe has only a mild case. But I feel scared. There's evidence out there that Covid remains in the body and causes problems in many people (much like Chickenpox or Herpes viruses)


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Wishing you and your mom the best. No medical conditions is definitely in her favor. Some people to have problems even after Covid leaves the body. But that is only a fairly small percentage. Try not to worry about that right now. Is she in the hospital? Hopefully, you are being very careful if you are around her.


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Im crap at being comforting, but lets give it a go..

If you look at the statistics for covid in Canada (infections and deaths) there was an alarmingly high number of deaths compared to infections at first, but as testing has got better we are realising just how many people with mild symptoms went undiagnosed before, and more and better treatments have been perfected, so even though the confirmed infection rates are skyrocketing, the death rates after a covid diagnosis are LOWER than they were earlier in the year.

From the beginning in Canada nearly 270,000 people have recovered and only 11,000 have died, but we all missed a whole lot of the very mild cases in the beginning so the actual figures are probably a lot more favourable, your mother's chances of living arent all that bad so far, a good majority of cases end up being mild. As far as long term issues are concerned, I know someone who is suffering from this, it's given her heart issues, lung issues, kidney issues, its not great, but she is already back at work and being treated as an outpatient, though it is a royal pain in her arse, it isn't debilitating and she is recovering slowly.

You said the symptoms were still mild, so be cautious but dont panic yet.


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Oh honey, that must be really frightening. My mother is 82 and I'm worried sick about her and she doesn't even have it.

Try to keep it in your heart that even at 83, the vast majority of patients make a full recovery.

Sending much love and positive thoughts to you and your mum *hug

Lady Wolfshead

"Don't fear mistakes. There are none." Miles Davis
Thanks a lot guys. She isn't feeling too sick right now - a cough and mild fever and headache. She lives in an Independent Living residence for seniors and it's a nice place - she will get 3 meals a day delivered to her apartment, and they are staffed 24 hours and she has an Emergency button if she can't breathe or anything. She has plenty of tea, coffee, and snacks, and has telephone and books and things for entertainment. They have been in lockdown a while, but some of the residents are anti-mask and have been going out even though they weren't supposed to, so that's maybe how she got it.

I'm aware that the survival rate is 92% right now for those over 80 with no underlying conditions, so her odds are good. But obviously it's very scary. 3 people from her residence are in hospital with it right now but I don't know how old they are.


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Oh I’m so sorry to hear this, that’s so scary. My mom had it earlier this year and it was bad. I hope your mom does okay. I think they are getting much better at knowing how to treat it. *hug


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Sorry to hear that. I hope she's alright and gets better.

Diseases like these are so annoying. All people want to do is be with their loved ones and offer support and yet it is one of the things that aren't helpful (being around them I mean). My mom went through chemo-treatment earlier this year (or last year and was done this year) and is in bad shape yet my sis and I can't seem to get her to realize why it's so important she takes this pandemic so seriously and don't go visit people.

Wishing your mom and you all the best. It's a terrible situation but luckily we're getting better at dealing with it.

Lady Wolfshead

"Don't fear mistakes. There are none." Miles Davis
My mother is now having the second bout of symptoms. So far she has the extreme fatigue and body pain. She doesn't have the severe symptoms of chest pain, trouble breathing, confusion or high fever to go to the ER, but she's going to go tomorrow if she still feels this bad. I don't expect to be getting much sleep tonight and I think it would be better if she went now, but she didn't want to go. She does have an emergency button to press.

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