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    My Mom comitted suicide right here on this forum. She told her story in the Crisis forum. The thread is called "Make it look like an accident".
    No one in our family knew she was so sad. I posted in that forum on how she did it, but the mods censored it, so please do not ask. She left a note to us with a link to this forum so that we can read her thoughts on her last days of life. My father and brothers got angry with her words. But not me. I read them over and over until I cry so much my heart breaks open. I miss her and I feel there is a big hole in my life. My dad already has another girlfriend. I took all my Mom's clothes and things and have them in my room because he was going to throw them away. My brothers are mad, but they are away at school now. I already graduated from college, but I am having trouble living back at home. My mom is everywhere around the house. She died in her room. I was still at school when it happened. My brother just thought she was sleeping when he got home, but my Dad felt her she was cold and not breathing.

    If you ever want to know how an adult is feeling about suicide, please read her words. If you are thinking about killing yourself, please think about the sad people you will leave behind. Please reach out to them and ask for help. You are never alone. Even if you say that nobody cares. If just one person cares, that is one heart that is broken forever if you die. I wish I was home when she was sad. She called me the morning she killed herself. She just sounded sad, but said she was feeling she was getting a cold and feeling weak. She asked about me and said I love you. That was it. I will never hear her voice again. Please read her story.
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    I am so very very sorry for your loss I am very moved x
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    hey sweetie, i am so very sorry for your loss. i think it is so important that you are holding onto her. i know it is hard to lose someone. im sure that your mum will be watching over you and that she will never let go of you. she will live on within your heart.

    God bless you hunny, i am always here if you ever need a chat.

    My heart goes out to you sweetie
    Love clare x