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My mother's ill and I can't get her to take medication

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by A_Username!!, May 11, 2009.

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  1. A_Username!!

    A_Username!! Guest

    (I didn't want to post this thread under my registered name, I hope you understand.)

    My elderly (she's 66) mother is severely ill. I don't know what exactly is wrong with her, but her mind is going pretty badly and I don't know what to do.

    I should say before I start that my mother believes in the afterlife pretty strongly and believes she is destined for "the new world" after she passes a series of tests. "New world" being the Age of Aquarius.

    A couple of months ago she went up the hospital and sat in the waiting room for 12 hours waiting to be seen by a doctor as she wasn't a high priority case/emergency. She went up there because she's been having vibrations in her body that she believes are being caused by her mother (who has been dead for a about 40 years) and also because she's been having all these trivial problems occur in her life that she can no longer deal with. She's convinced her dead mother is putting her through all these problems as a sorta test for her to overcome to be eligible for the new world that is coming to this world very soon, but she didn't tell the doctor that, just about the vibrations and "feelings" she's been getting all over her body that are also keeping her awake all night most nights.

    The hospital responded by sending her a doctor to visit her at home. She told the doctor about the vibrations in her body and the doctor responded by strongly suggesting she take Olanzapine which (by research alone) I've determined is an anti-psychotic drug. She didn't diagnose her with anything, just STRONGLY suggested she take them.

    I agreed with the doctor because having lived with my mother all my life, I know there's something not quite right there. She wasn't always like this, but she's been getting progressively worse over the years since 1997.

    My mother is angrily against these pills and refuses to try them and there's no getting through to her as she's ridiculously stubborn. Whenever I bring the subject up about trying them she responds angrily and says "I'm not f***ing mad" or "I'll get you back for this" and begins racially insulting the doctor that suggested the medication.

    I didn't know quite how bad my mother's situation is until recently.... I've heard her talking to "her mother" lots of times and have seen her do other questionably crazy things in the past. She talks to her mother with an egg cup in her room which she says is a ouija board. At all hours of the night I hear her have full blown arguments with her dead mother while pushing an egg cup around a bedside table. But recently I've also started to notice her ticking quite badly. Every now and then her legs twitch/tick and she says "f*** off" to herself.

    Thing is she leads a somewhat normal life. She goes out shopping, she drives and she maintains herself/her home very well. But she also has zero friends and goes long periods without sleep.

    I need her to try these Olanzapine pills, but don't know how to make her TRY them without causing an argument as her communication skills are very poor. She just doesn't listen to reason and thinks we're branding her a schizo.

    I just wanna know any techniques anyone might have to persuading her that this medication is for the best and also whether this medication really is for the best in you guys's opinion?

    (Sorry for the long thread, but thank you if you read it and respond.)
  2. Advent

    Advent Well-Known Member

    So sorry about the issues, is there any chance that the pills could be crushed/disguised somehow then given in food. Similiar to how you would give a pet pills.

    You would need to check that any medications can be treated this way, as some are designed to be slow acting.

    If I think of anything else I will let you know.

  3. A_Username!!

    A_Username!! Guest

    Thank you for the reply Rich.

    Thing is we can't get the medication as my mother refuses to accept them and won't bring the subject up with her local GP, probably because she knows the GP will suggest them also.

    I'd love to have the medication here to do as you suggested, that would probably be the easy part. But she's so stubborn and won't even bring the subject up with her GP.

    I really don't know how to convince her that this is for the best.
  4. Advent

    Advent Well-Known Member

    Ah thats a problem then, how about contacting the GP directly ( will they talk to a family member - not sure with all this privacy stuff these days) and mentioning that she wont entertain them, ultimatly it would come down to the patient as to wether medication was taken.

    Not an easy situation you have there.
  5. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    This is a very tough issue. I agree with EVERYTHING that ARCTICFOX has advised from disguising the meds. in her food and trying to get the GP more involved. I think it will come down to whether you can get a Psych. evlauation to indicate that she is incapable of making her own decisions. Then I think you'll be able to force the meds on her one way or another.

    Until then, the patient has the right to refuse the meds. I'm sorry that you're going through this common, but extremely difficult issue. It's so very hard on the caretaker, usually a family member (at first anyway). My mother is just beginning to show signs of Alzheimers according to one doctor. So I may be facing the same problems soon.

    Open to a private message if you want to continue the conversation privately.
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