My mum found out about this site

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    Well she went on google last night and of couse in the search box the first thing that came up was suicide. She brought me into the computer room in case my brother heard. Asked me about it. At first I lied like I always do. But then she said the magic words "you can be honest" so I said I'd joined a forum. She then asked if I felt suicidal and I told her sometimes. Then all she did was give me a hug which I didn't want and I told her this, which made her feel bad as I usually wander around the house until I get a hug from someone. In my defence the only person on the planet who doesnt annoy me right now is one of my brothers. Also about half an hour before this she'd yelled and I do mean yelled, at me for not taking this pen set she bought me upstairs even though she told me to leave them untill i'd tidyed my room. Which is still a mess because I've been throwing things out and I have loads of empty boxes and half of my belongings on the floor.
    She left the convorstation there and I kind of wish she hadnt. Now today she's taking me to my therapist appointment. Where she'll tell my therapist. Great.
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    Hi Lorian...being a parent I think it's a good thing she's found out and she's going to tell your therapist.... she's trying to help you and your therapist can help too..
    better to have someone care because being alone with suicidal thoughts is the worst
    I hope you understand she loves you or she wouldn't bother
    let us know how you go tomorrow..
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    Well, my mom was pretty upset when she saw the title of the internet window I had open one day~ XD
    I had to show her and explain that it is a pro-life, supportive forum and not um... the opposite.

    Of course; she already knew how depressed I am, since I never leave my room and speak with doctors frequently.
    It just needs to be explained so that your parent does not think you are discussing 'how to off yourself' online.

    It really probably is better if you see a therapist.
    You don't have to talk about anything you don't want to talk about... and the therapist shouldn't be legally able to tell your parents anything that you discuss in private.
    It's not as bad as you might think it'll be. You'll see.
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    As already said, this could be a good thing for you, even though it may not seem like it right now. It sounds like your mum cares for you. Hope you get on ok at the therapist - such sessions can be helpful to get things off of your chest.
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    Well I just got back from a very awkward meeting with my councillor Emma. It was ok, you're all right it wasn't AS bad as I thought it was.:smile:
    I had to meet my new phycologist as well today. They were reviewing my medication for the first time since I got moved to their team. My mum came in too so I ended up not really saying much while she was there. Which Emma realised. Also I don't like talking to people I don't know and meeting someone new was awkward for me.
    It was annoying having to explain about it-and having my mum find out that I have felt like this for longer than I made out yesterday. I made it clear that this wasn't a pro-suicide site and that I find it helpful and it makes me feel better.
    I feel bad for not talking in-front of my mum because even I noticed that I started talking to Emma more when she and the phycologist (who's name I've already forgotten) left the room and I'm normally the last person to notice things about myself.
    I had a nice convorsation with Emma about reasons I won't do it. I told her about wanting to get a pet snake and that I want to call it Kobal- who is a fallen angel and I explained his back story. I'm always telling her things like this and she said that it's cool that I know so many interesting facts and that I'd be fun to sit next to at a dinner party :laugh: which made me feel good.:smile: I also told her my favourite quote to think of when I'm feeling like acctualy doing something and she wrote it down which was cool. So I'm feeling okay at the moment, thanks everyone!:smile:
  6. KittyGirl

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    Good for you~ I'm glad it went so well!

    The first appointment with a new therapist tends to be the hardest one.
    Just remember that she is only there to help you and not to judge you~ if you can remember that, you might not be as nervous when you go in to talk with her.
    I'm sure you probably know that all on your own though!