My mum kicked off again last night...

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by wibble, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. wibble

    wibble Well-Known Member

    Basically I got mugged at knife point on thursday (my birthday) and lost a £300 phone (I do want to commit suicide, but im not giving someone else the satisfaction of killing me).

    Now I live with my parents (I have no friends and I can't meet a girl so moving out is not an option). So last night I decide to tell my mum, and I basically get a tyrade of abuse from her. If you've ever watched the soprano's, she's a dead ringer for Livia Soprano (Tony's mother).

    See, the thing is, if I tell my mum anything, she basically makes it all about her. How bad her problems are, how much I make her suffer etc. Some choice phrases and accusations from last night:

    1: Im evil and wrong
    2: Im fat
    3: Im ugly
    4: I'm causing her to want to cut her wrists
    5: I've been through all her stuff and "raped and pillaged" her
    6: My problems are my own fault
    7: I deserve to die
    8: She wishes my previous attempt at hanging had succeeded
    9: She also knows about my dad's affair

    Now, I know I shouldn't be thinking this, but part of me just wants to make her shut the fuck up screaming these things at me. I get very angry and, after 7 years of this Im finding it increasingly difficult to hold back my anger.

    So what can I do? I know Im supposed to be a good son and love my mother, and she can be capable of great displays of affection, but Im fucking sick of being guilt tripped and made to feel like shit because she makes herself into a martyr and thinks its OK to say this kind of stuff to me.

    Any ideas would be a big help.
  2. Spikey

    Spikey Senior Member

    :hug: :hug: I understand where you're coming from hun.
    Perhaps sit down with your mum an have a really good heart to heart? Or else, write her a long letter about how you feel about all of this, how shit she makes you feel.

    Am only a PM away if you need to talk :)

  3. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    You have every right to be thinking and wanting her to shut up. Anyways it sounds like she has some issues of her own. Is she on any sort of medication, does she a therapist?

    Also is there anyone in your family like aunts or uncles that could help you out.
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