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  1. blade

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    sorry its way too late to tell you this guys but its been 51/2 weeks now. my mums been in coma. 51/2 weeks ago she started vomitting and stuff, then she had a heart attack, my dad was taking her to the hospital and she passed out in the car, her heart actually stopped. she was dead. when he got at the place he yelled out doctors came down and took her. it took them 45 minuted to revive her. shes still in coma. she opening her eyes now and then, but the brains not telling her what shes seeing! :(

    all u guys know what i went through with her. even though i hated her gutts when she was with us. i love her and miss her heaps now. seeing her like that with needles stucj in her everywhere. bruising. i cant explian how she looks, my mum worked with old people, and in the hospital. but she she someone like the state shes in now, she would hate it.

    if something happens to her again..her wish always was to let her go....dont try wake her up. and she always wanted to be buried in new zealand the town we used to live. that was her wish, and if something happns we are going to burry her there.

    im under so much stress from school. and plus my mum.,
    but my mates her close to me. im in a new skol now this year. the the friends ive got this year are like family. they are the type of mates ive been looking for since i was a kid! my mate ..sam. his dad died when he was a kid, he knows what its like. hes stood byt me the whole time.
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    I am sorry to hear about your mom. Even though you had so many problems with her, she is still your mom. I am glad you have friends that understand and can support you. i will keep you all in my thoughts. :hug:
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