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my nephew maid me feel this way

My nephew started calling my boyfriend names and told me that i was going to switch boyfriends. He said I would cheat on him. I would never hurt him like that. And I am feeling sad and depressed because my nephew will not leave me alone. I wish I could end my life. But then it would hurt my boyfriend. So I am not going too. But I am too stressed for my nephew to start stuff with me. Me and him never get along. And my aunt may die and my cat died 2 years ago december 1. I love my boyfriend with all my heart. I could never cheat on him.
I'm sorry this is happening. Are you seeing your nephew because you are having Thanksgiving dinner together? If so, it might be better to leave early, or kick him out if you're hosting.

His behavior is really disgraceful. It sounds like it would be best to avoid him if possible.

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