My net worth in this world is a negative one

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    I hope people find this post insensitive, but this is a very calculated reason to commit suicide.

    I am turning 24 in July, I will graduate from Texas A&M this December with a degree that will land me a job. I have a lot of friends and family that are extremely supportive, kind, fun, passionate people. I have great dreams of working at SpaceX and helping humanity to get to mars, or finding better ways of transportation. But despite all that I feel like my net worth in this world is a negative one. I feel as though during my life I will still create pollution, create trash, eat animals, and other little things that add up. The longer I live the more I will create evil in a what was balanced ecosystem. I have heard the argument, "Well you're not the only one doing it" but that just sounds like an excuse to me.

    Has anyone else felt this way?
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    No, I can't say as though I do actually understand. What you choose to eat is a matter of life style, and lifestyle choices answer all of the other concerns as well. I am quite certain my family and the way we choose to live results in a net positive in the areas of concern to me (which do not natch your areas exactly) based on how we live, how we procure food, heat , etc. So you can choose to live, use your degree to design better transportation systems that help balance the environment more by improving it for thousands and not just yourself as easily as not. Further, you were not born into a balanced ecosystem, or anything remotely close to it. That is why it makes it easy for people that care to make an improvement far greater than personal negative impact if they choose to do so. It is all choice.

    Instead of being "not the only one" that is trashing the earth and using that as an excuse, you can choose to be not the only one doing more than your share to help push things in the other direction too. But you can only do that if you are alive.
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    What you may want to consider is your appreciation for what you are, and where you were born. We were born into our societies, and leveraged off of strength, good will, ignorance, and *fill in the blanks at your will.

    We aren't perfect. What you're looking at is harmony(imo) with nature/life/existence. But we aren't there. We're here. The difference is, we can progressively work towards reaching that harmony. Sure, you and I may never see it, but in acknowledging our flaws, but appreciating where we started from, we can work there without emotionally and practically destroying ourselves.

    You're an educated individual from that sounds of it. So the best thing I can say is, be kind. Respect what you have done with your life, and try to realize that certain thoughts, feelings, or 'realizations' can be deep and completely contradictory to how we live. I think most explorers, inventors, ... people who Truly embraced not only their existence, but this existence we all inhabit, found a way to move towards and they wanted, without destroying who they were then. We can evolve, and better everything we do. You're looking at a big picture and contrasting how you live to that. Yeah, it can be a black hole contrast and shift. Maybe find a way to make baby steps towards being how you truly wish to exist in this life.

    Without compromising the extreme good you are doing too :) If what you are practically doing works, but goes against how you feel... that's a good place to start with challenging the situation, and proactively brainstorming how to make it better so perhaps someday, it will be how you wish it was.

    Just some thoughts. Be kind man. You're not going to save the world. It's a team effort :)