My new job first day of actuall work if you can even call it work

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    So i went to start my training to day and everyone effin ignored me and didnt teach me a darn thing. they gave me a nine hr shift in which i learned nothing! thats all I wanted to say for now.
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    I'm sorry :(

    There's always tomorrow! You're new, you might fit in better after a couple of weeks, give it a chance

  3. total eclipse

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    Tommorrow step up and request that you learn more take initiative Ask the boss is there anything you could be being trained on so you are more productive for him. I hope you shift goes better tommorrow One day does not make a job take care mary
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    welcome to being a wage slave!
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    Hey Wiggy,

    As Mary said, the best way is to take the initiative and ask someone to teach you something. I know that is hard to do, especially if you don't know anyone. But the longer you wait, the harder it will get. I've also been there. Once I was doing vacation work, where I literally sat and stared at my desk for 6 looooonnnng weeks... I got my computer that I was supposed to work on the day before my last day of work. It was torture! I'd rather work my ass off the whole day than sit and do nothing, because then your mind doesn't wander.

    Anyway, keep at it. You'll make some friends soon, I'm sure!

  6. wiggy007

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    thanks guys i talked to the store manager and they switched me to cashier so...I will have alot better time now I go into work at 10 also today is my gf's aka angelofglass's first day at work doing her job without her trainer :) shes about to leave for work. anyways thanks everyone. I am feeling much better about how today will go the sm gave me yesterday off because of how the people there treated me and because the other new ppl didnt get trianed either except for the female. all the others were male. and the person who was training her was male. anyways thanks again.

    Daniel aka Wiggy
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