My NJ STBX (nut job soon to be ex) is pushing me over the top!!!!

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    I can't take it anymore!!!! My soon to be ex is pushing me over the top!!!! I can't believe 12.5 years ago I was head over heels for and married a woman who turned out to be the cruelest beeyotch I have ever known. I have more respect for somebody who would literally take a knive and stab me in the back when I am not looking. She is crueler than a terrorist!!!!

    My NJ STBX is spreading slander and lies about me throughout our whole community. She is telling everybody I am refusing to divorce her, which couldn't be further than the truth. I am dying to divorce her, but both HER lawyer and my lawyer have advised us against doing so until we well our home. We had an offer from our neighbor, which was substantial (about 25% more than we paid for our home) and would have taken care of everybody and all our debts. My STBX rejected the offer because she is a money grubbing beeyotch and wants more money. EVERYBODY, including my STBX's lawyer (and it goes w/o saying my lawyer) has advised me against moving out before we sell and sign an agreement. If I move out and leave my kids unilaterally I can be considered as a father who abandoned my kids. So, my wife is a liar and spreading lies about me to the whole community. I have never laid a hand on my STBX or our kids, have never cheated on my wife, have always worked hard (very often two jobs, like I have been for the last three years) to support our family, my wife has had more freedom in our marriage than just about any wife on this planet, I am a good father (even my STBX admitted that when she told me she wants a divorce), and I am NOT refusing to divorce her. I was dying to accept our neighbor's offer, was even packed and ready to move, and was ready to sign a lease to rent an apartment I liked. Thank to the NJ we are still stuck living together and FAR from being divorced. Yet she is lying and turning most of our community against me.

    On top of everything, she is trying to take our kids away from me on the holidays (i.e. the Jewish holidays that are coming up). She says she doesn't even want to see my face on the holidays, is planning to sleep somewhere else, and take the kids with her. I told her she can go wherever she wants (Timbuktu for all I care) WITHOUT the kids, but that the kids are with me for the holidays. I am NOT chasing her away!!!! She is welcome to stay home for the holidays. Our apartment is still her home, as it is still my home. But, she is unilaterally trying to take the kids away from me on the holidays. I miss my kids, as I work so many hours during the week and they miss me. My daughter said she wants to spend the holidays with me. My son also said he wants to be with me. The NJ STBX insists the kids are going to be with her. I asked her what are you going to do if they refuse to come with you? Drag them by the hair? Physically lift them? Have a "friend" come and kidnap them?

    I feel so betrayed, so alone, so helpless!!!! I am sorry to say, but I am losing the fight within me. I don't think I can handle this divorce. I would rather be dead right now. The heartache to see my kids go through this. The feeling of being betrayed by the one person who was supposed to be by my side, the one person I stuck with through thick and thin and spent so many hours sweating and coughing up blood working for is treating me like dog cr*p on a street. All the people she is turning against me. Trying to take the kids away from me at every opportunity. I can't take it anymore!!!! I am at the edge!!!!

    Sorry for my rant, but this is the "let it all out" section:rant:
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    HOpe you lawyer fights and get you your rights to have your children and if she does not follow through with those rights she will lose her children You make sure those children have the right to see you ok because they need you there to help them through all this