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My NYT letter re: missing crossword

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My mother sends me the Sunday NYT as a Christmas present, but this past Sunday my Magazine section, with the crossword, didn't come. I wrote this to the editor after they gave me first a credit and then a Tuesday copy in its place... Here's hoping humor works!

Dear, dear Friends at the New York Times,

Well, Lord love a duck!!

I received a Tuesday NYT today. Thank you very much for the try; but, really, can a mere Tuesday ever match a Sunday? More than anything, I want the Magazine with the crossword. Yes, I admit it, my face burning with all due shame: I read the Magazine in order to get to that one prize above all others, the Sunday crossword. Ah, to be high-minded enough, or deceitful enough, to say I only read the articles... but, alas, I cannot tell that lie. I tear through that horrid plastic wrap each Sunday, flip recklessly past the best journalism in the country, maybe the world, and rabidly go straight for that beloved page of black and white squares.

I know, I know, go online, print it out, leave you alone, you haven't time for the pitiful cries of a sorrowful addict. But, alas, I cannot get to the Sunday crossword online, and it won't let me print those puzzles I can get to. I've tried. I even stood on my head, and it still hides that delectable Sunday crossword. Now, if a reader is devoted enough to stand on her head to find the crossword, don't you think she deserves a chance? (All right, so I lied about standing on my head. See where this loss has taken me?)

Would you consider simply mailing me the Magazine from Sunday, April 17th? That's all I want. I honestly look forward to it, I day dream about it all week, like my dog does her evening bone. I fade off from those speaking to me, gazing toward that heavenly grid and those devilish clues. I forget to finish my supper as I contemplate the risks of sneaking a peak at a crossword dictionary.

Ah, to mail me a replacement Magazine...such a small thing to ask for such a devoted fan, one quickly developing twitches from withdrawal. Oh, the nightmares I've had already this week without my beloved crossword!

Will you please send me my lost Magazine?? You've forced me, finally, to admit my darkest reason. In all due respects to your digital leaps and bounds, I really shouldn't take the computer into the bathtub to enjoy the Magazine online. I'm afraid, unfortunately, the Calgon factor disappears when one drops an electronic device, especially one containing a progressing dissertation, into the bubbles with one...

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lol they should send you several copies of it i hope they answer your letter let us know what the response is okay im dying to find out hugs
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