My Only Hatred

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    As These Tears Well In My Eyes
    Be Not Tricked Into Believing Weakness
    Do Not For A Second Think These Tears Are For You
    Believe That They Are For Myself
    Take Heed While My Eyes Are Of Fire
    Take This Warning And Act Wisely
    I No Longer Live For You
    And I No Longer Live To Be Used
    I Have Taken All Of Your Abuse!
    So Keep This In Mind
    All Of You Who Saw Weakness
    All Of You Who Exploit My Virtues
    I Am A Changed Boy
    Those Who Saw Me Living For Themselves
    They Now Fall As Their Acts Leave Them Rotting In The Ribcage Hell!
    I Lived On A Whim And Innocence My Soul
    But The Hurt Has Twisted Me So To Have Seen The Abyss
    Sans Personal Value Which Once Was The Force
    That Drew Me To Seek Love From Others To Feed This Long Cold And Dead Corpse
    My Broken Heart Of Stone All Shriveled Up And Useless
    I Have Nothing To Lose But My Soul!
    So You, You All Better Watch Out For Me!
    An Unfortunate Face And A Warped Mind Can Go Hand In Hand!
    And Maniacle Laughter As The World Bows To My Demands!
    My Only Hatred Now To Be Seen
    As The Tables Are Turned And From You I Am Clean
    Yes Watch Out For Me As The Predator Is Back
    You're All Going To Pay For What You Did To Me...
  2. this was actually pretty good.

    nice job.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.